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Sarasota Senior Movers and Downsizers

Very few people embrace the idea of sorting, packing, and organizing their belongings. The task is especially difficult for seniors that have decades of family heirlooms and mementos packed away in attics, basements and garages. How do they begin the process of paring down items that signify important life events? Seniors and their family members no longer have to tackle these emotional tasks and difficult questions on their own. Senior movers have lots of innovative and creative ways to allow seniors to celebrate their lives while enjoying the things that mean the most to them.

New Senior Moving Options

Seniors that need to move or downsize have many emotional adjustments to make. It’s difficult for seniors to part with things that only hold value for them, and no one else. Leaving the family home is often necessary, but that also means not having the familiarity of living in a well-loved home. For most seniors, the feelings of loss are temporary as they get acclimated to new surroundings. Senior movers offer different options to make moving easier. They are usually willing to come up with a comprehensive plan so that the senior knows exactly what to expect and when. Many senior movers offer the option of storage pods or containers that sit on the senior’s property so that moving can occur over time, rather than all at once.

Slowing the Pace of Moving for Seniors

Most senior movers agree that most of their clients do better with moving when they have a little more time to make an emotional adjustment. Senior movers can help them find innovative solutions for hanging onto the most important things, but on a smaller scale than what they previously had. Senior moving companies will know just who to call to get those boxes of photos loaded into digital frames or onto DVD’s so they can be enjoyed without all the bulk and storage.

Sarasota Senior Movers

Seniors on the Move is owned by a couple that is committed to managing all the details and unpleasant surprises when arranging to move a senior. They begin with an overall moving plan and then get started on professional packing and moving. They’ll ship items, as needed, and take care of disposing unwanted items. They’ll greet seniors at their new home and assist with the unpacking and getting things set up in the new space, including the utilities.

Senior Moves helps seniors with downsizing, moving into assisted living, or helping a spouse or partner who has lost a loved one. Coordinators and movers provide caring, emotional support during tough times of relocation and downsizing. Workers help with shipping, selling and donating personal items, and household furnishings, including heavy and bulky items.

Sort it Out Senior Move-Senior Moving Specialist, Inc. lists its business as a senior moving specialty. They offer special services to redesign homes and scale down furnishings so that a senior can age in place safely. They also pack, unpack, and set up safe and welcoming spaces in the new home. Consultants handle all aspects of moving and downsizing.

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