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Sarasota Respite Care and Adult Day Care

When family members find that an aging family member needs help with daily living activities, family members respond naturally by spending more time helping them to make sure that they remain safe. Over time, the demands of caregiving grow as the aging family member’s health deteriorates. At some point, family caregivers realize that their family member’s needs are chronic. Soon, they realize that their caregiving duties may continue for years or even decades. It’s common for family caregivers to begin to feel so overwhelmed that they feel that they are in over their heads.

Adult day care and respite programs are designed to relieve the stress of adult caregivers so that they can fulfill their caregiving duties without feeling overburdened. A little help and support provided by caregivers helps a family member feel refreshed and capable.

Sarasota’s “The Living Room”

Senior Friendship Centers offer a space where people can gather together and share their experiences and enjoy being together. The Living Room has been licensed by the State of Florida since 1980. The program offers a home-like setting that provides supervised care for frail, older adults, and adults who live with memory impairment and other symptoms of dementia.

In order to help participants function at the highest level possible, the Living Room engages seniors in creative activities like music, art, creative expression, crafts, cooking, dancing, and exercise. They also offer activities to stimulate mental and physical health with brain games and balance activities.

The Living Room employs a staff nurse who administers medications and monitors medical conditions. All of the staff has training in first aid and CPR, in addition to training in elder care. The Living Room keeps a low participant ratio of 1:6. The dining staff provided nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Being a senior caregiver can be very isolating. The Living Room cares for the caregivers by taking care of their loved one so that they can have time to do things they want or need to do like work, volunteer, exercise of spend time socializing with family and friends.

Seniors may enroll for one or more days in the program from Monday through Friday from early morning until early evening.

Caregiver Resource Center

The Caregiver Resource Center (CRC) brings together senior care agencies and businesses that offer services and products to help caregivers do the vital work that they do. To support family caregivers, the Caregiver Resource Center refers caregivers to educational programs. They also offer support groups so that family caregivers have a place to voice their feelings, frustrations, and challenges in a setting where they don’t feel so alone. Families who are interested in the CRC programs may call for more information at (941) 556-3268. Caregivers may visit the Friendship Centers website or email them at [email protected]

The Friendship Center’s campus is also home to the Rubin Center for Healthy Aging, a clinic for assistance with senior medical and dental needs. Seniors aged 60 and older may get a healthy meal at The Friendship Café. Homebound seniors may sign up for the Meals on Wheels home-delivery meal program.

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