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Sarasota Elder Law Attorneys

Retirement is a time meant to be spent with your family relaxing and doing the things you enjoy. Unfortunately, you might find yourself spending more time dealing with legal frustrations than relaxing when it comes to pension plans, healthcare providers, and various government agencies not to mention this is also the time you should think about planning your estate and writing your will. An elder law attorney can be a huge benefit during these times as they will respect your wishes when handling all of your legal needs.

Why Does An Elder Law Specialization Matter?

When it comes to elder law, you want an attorney that knows all the ins and outs and deals with them daily. Elder law can be tricky at times and any regular attorney might not be able to handle complicated decisions that involve multiple aspects. Medicaid benefits, for example, are tied up with personal assets and if your personal assets change due to something like an inheritance, then your benefits could change and so could your health care. An elder law attorney knows all this and will easily be able to handle what comes their way.

In addition to their expansive elder law knowledge, elder law attorneys are also fairly in tune with their client’s emotional needs. They can be a big resource of support and use their ties to the community to help you get access to other services and groups in the area if that is something you need.

Who Should Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

If you are a senior, you should consider hiring an elder law attorney if you run into any legal problems that pertain to your status as a senior. Your family members can also use the advice of an elder law attorney when it comes to things like guardianship or conservatorship. Family members can also contact an attorney if they don’t think their elderly loved ones can’t handle their affairs anymore or suspect they are a victim of senior abuse.

When Should You Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

The sooner the better. When you start to write your will or plan your estate you will want the expertise of an elder law attorney who understands all facets of estate planning. A good attorney will know how to handle the relationship between asset ownership and federal benefits and also how to deal with advance health care directives. Their guidance will save you a lot of time and frustration.

There are a few other times that you might want to consider hiring an elder law attorney. This includes:

Senior housing

Senior abuse

Medicaid benefits

VA benefits

Long-term care options

Insurance appeals

Retirement planning

No matter what you need, check to make sure the elder law attorney you hire specializes in your area because not all of them will be experts in every aspect of elder law.

Finding An Elder Law Attorney

As you start your search, talk to friends, neighbors, and family members in your area so you can get a few suggestions of attorneys in your area. You could also seek a referral from a family attorney or other attorneys you may know. The National Elder Law Foundation and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys are good places to look as well and you can search attorneys in your state. You can also try Super Lawyers and look for top attorneys in your city.

The Florida Bar has a lawyer referral service you can use to find lawyers that will meet your legal needs. There are also a number of prepaid services if you’re a low-income senior who needs legal aid.

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