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Sarasota Concierge Services

Most seniors prefer to do what they can for themselves, especially when that means being able to age in place, in the home they love. As their bodies age, they can no longer do everything that they used to. It’s not always easy to ask for help, but many seniors will ask for it when they know that services are available. Concierge services have been developing for many years in the Sarasota area to meet the needs of retired and aging seniors who need a little extra help. These services have proved mutually beneficial for the seniors who need them and the employees who provide them. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in Sarasota.

Consider it Done is a personal assistant and errand service. Seniors can call this service to get help with shopping, transportation, deliveries, companionship, property monitoring, holiday shopping, party planning, home organizing, appointment scheduling, pet sitting, and other needs.

Sun Coast Home Concierge Services will take care of managing properties for seniors who visit the area during the winter. Property managers will care for the home, maintain the property, enhance the lawn, pressure wash the building, service the pool, and run necessary errands. They will also watch the home for security, tend to emergencies, and provide housekeeping services.

Banana Tree Concierge is another service that manages vacation properties while senior homeowners are away. Property managers walk the property to inspect for water leaks, pool damage, fence repairs, monitor chemicals in pools, control pests, maintain the yard, monitor air conditioning, and any other specific requests.

When & How Concierge Services, LLC, takes care of errands so seniors can spend time with family and doing things they enjoy. When & How will shop for groceries, purchase gifts and home goods, provide pick-up and delivery services, make pharmacy, mail, and bank runs, service automobiles, do personal shopping, decorate for the holidays, write cards and invitations, wrap gifts, and most everything else.

Rediscovered Moments Concierge, LLC, performs almost any task in a timely manner. After the initial consultation, this concierge service sets up a plan for services that can include appointment setting, auto repair, banking, bookkeeping, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, gift shopping, home organization, internet research, house cleaning, meal planning, pet services, mail drop-offs, shoe repair, clothing alterations, travel arrangements, spa appointments, and more.

Tori Homemaker Companion Care Service, LLC offers many senior services including personalized care, medication reminders, companionship, housekeeping, decluttering, changing bed linens, cleaning the refrigerator, transportation, and running errands.

Elite Family Care provides services in the home to help seniors. The service provides caring companions to assist seniors with daily living activities. They also provide homemaker services, transport seniors to appointments and to other errands. They will also perform errands for the senior when they cannot do them for themselves. They will also provide minor home repairs, plan outings, and help keep things clean and organized.

Whether seniors live in Sarasota full time or just during the winter months, seniors will have no trouble finding concierge help for their homes and other needs.

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