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Live Like a Local in Sarasota

If it is your first time in Sarasota or you are new and have not seen much of the city, brace yourself for an amazing adventure. The antiques of John and Mable Ringling Museum, the green oasis of Marie Selby Gardens and the Jungle Gardens are great places to visit, but for you to enjoy life like a local in Sarasota, here are places you must visit.

Mouthwatering Dining Experience In Sarasota

Eat out at Master Chef's Andrea’s Art of Food and Wine and you will hardly want to eat anywhere else ever again. Chef Andres imports cheese after careful selection and uses it to make unforgettable dishes. Expect to drink only the finest wine from vineyards from Italy and to feast on great tasting kinds of pasta and bread that Chef Andre cooks using his unique recipe.

Bologna Café is very famous with the locals, despite moving its quarters to a larger space at Osprey. This splendid inventor of imported cheese cuisines makes the dual a favorite. Co-owners Barbara and Claudio fully rely on kitchen expertise to impress any visitor that steps in their restaurant.

Make your way to Capital Grille if you are craving some perfectly cooked meat and seafood, since this is one of the most popular grilles with the locals. Capital Grille produces only the best steaks and pan-fried calamari. Once you are in, there is no getting out without a bite.

Sarasota’s Shopping Scene

The Westfield Sarasota Square is one of the largest and trendiest stores in Sarasota. You will find something to buy in any of the stores here with some of the most popular ones being Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Bath & Body Works, Burger King, and Bond Jewelers. Whether you are looking to buy that new Victoria Secret bra or Macy’s make-up kit, this is the place for you.

St. Armand’s Circle is a shopping complex where you will find everything you could need, including anything to do with fashion, footwear, jewelry, professionals, and even real estate. You can go on a day where some stores are holding events where you can take part in and have an excellent time.

The Mall at University Town Center is the ideal place for anyone interested in doing any form of shopping. In addition to shopping facilities, the mall has numerous dining establishments and entertainment spots that shoppers can go to relax as they share a delicious meal.

Style Up Your Hair In Sarasota

Fringe Spa and Salon is not just about your hair; it is all about your look. This Spa and Salon is a standalone building off 18 Goodrich Avenue that offers nothing but a relaxed atmosphere that makes customers feel and look glamorous.

MasterCuts is one of the subsidiaries of Signature Cuts, and it offers what anyone can term as the most professional cuts in the industry. Step in and enjoy a transformational experience in their hands of such nationally recommended professionals.

Sarasota has so much to offer that you cannot afford to leave and not come back, or live in this great city and not discover where and how the locals love to spend their time here.

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