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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in San Jose

There are many common changes that occur as we get older. The ones that quickly come to mind are things like our appearance, health, and body, but job change is another common occurrence later in life. In a 2015 study conducted by AARP, we learned that job-seekers over the age of 55 have a few things in common. Typically, they take longer than their less mature counterparts to find new employment, they make less money than they did in previous positions, and often times they work fewer hours in their new workplace. However, seniors looking to find an employment fit that excites them have resources. Check out these senior-friendly networks in the San Jose area to point you in the right direction.

Job-Seeker Resources for Older Adults in San Jose

The State of California Employment Development Department’s Workforce Services Branch (WSB) has partnered with the America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) to assist seniors searching for employment. The goal of the organization is to help seniors return to work and to acquire new skills they may need to thrive in the workplace.

In the San Jose area, there are four different locations to match seniors with the right qualifications with available openings with local companies. If you need more help, you can utilize their resources including resume writing courses, assessments of your skills, locating employers with vacancies, and continuing education opportunities.

Older adults considering transitioning to a different career can find assistance through the AJCC with building that bridge, including a number of educational services, job fairs, workshops, and networking groups in the area.

Paid training opportunities for low-income seniors

Self-Help for the Elderly is a local not-for-profit organization who sponsors the Senior Community Service Employment Program for low-income adults ages 55+ in San Francisco, San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties.

Program participants will have a chance to work with government or non-profit organizations in the area to learn new, marketable skills from current employees in an on-the-job training environment. The work week consists of 20 hours of training and enrollees in the program are paid minimum wage. The ultimate goal is to give you the new skills and qualifications needed to find the right employment option for you.

Other potential employment fits for senior job seekers

Veterans have a number of additional resources available to them through the AJCC. Here you can find education and job fair directories for veterans, and resources to finding gainful employment with your military experience.

California’s Cash and Counseling-based program, the VA Aid & Attendance pension, and the provisions in some long-term care insurance policies may allow you to be paid a monthly stipend if you are the caregiver of a senior loved one. Check with each of the programs for more details on how they may work for you.

If working for someone else doesn’t interest you, but owning your own business does, the Silicon Valley Small Business Administration has numerous resources you need to launch your own business.

Seniors in the San Jose area have a plethora of options to give you the networking opportunities, training, and community support to find fulfilling employment no matter what type of career you’re searching for.

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