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San Jose Senior Services

San Jose, the third largest city in California, is a city that is alive with growth. The economy is growing which helps San Jose citizens have a good life, especially the seniors. The neighborhoods in and around San Jose have a small-town feel and the population is quite diverse. There are plenty of activities right in San Jose, but if seniors ever tire of their city, the San Francisco Bay area and the hills of the wine country are less than two hours away. There are plenty of helpful senior services right in San Jose, which makes San Jose senior living very attractive.

Department of Aging and Adult Services is a program of Santa Clara County that offers programs for quality nutrition, supportive in-home services, senior policy matters, and general welfare of San Jose’s senior population.

OUTREACH Transportation is a non-profit, public benefit transportation organization for seniors and people with disabilities. The service provides a paratransit service for disabled seniors who are unable to take public transportation. Seniors may choose from a range of other transportation services by OUTREACH, as well. Clients can track the arrival times of their rides with the mobile tracker application.

2-1-1 Santa Clara County is a free program of the United Way Bay Area where seniors can call to get personalized information and referrals from trained call specialists who can answer their questions about non-profit services and agencies that serve seniors. The phone line provides call specialists who speak in over 170 languages. It is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Sourcewise Community Resource Solutions is a service where San Jose seniors can use a search engine to find resources to support their health and well-being. The service works in collaboration with Santa Clara County, state, and local networks to help seniors navigate the programs that will help them best in a streamlined, coordinated fashion. The program provides information, awareness, and care management. The program also offers the Meals on Wheels program, health insurance, advocacy, and senior employment services.

Santa Clara Mental Health provides culturally competent opportunities for hope, wellness, and recovery. Seniors can get help by calling the mental health call center, the urgent center, the Central Wellness and Benefits Center, Office of Housing & Homeless Support Services, or residential continuum of care agents. They can also get outpatient mental health services and criminal justice services.

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center is a peer-run, non-profit organization that serves seniors and others with disabilities in Santa Clara County. The service does not directly provide housing, but gives seniors the support tools and resources that they need to live interdependently.

Yu-Ai Kai Japanese American Community Senior Service provides seniors with assistance with social security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, and supplemental security income. They also make referrals for nursing facilities, legal assistance, financial counseling, case management, family support, healthcare, and transition home from the hospital.

San Jose is a large community with many other senior services. Churches, ethnic, and community groups are excellent resources for finding additional senior services.

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