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San Jose Senior Realtors

Although the home is one of the most expensive investments that most people make, families share their most valuable memories at home. By the time people finish paying for their homes, the sad thing is that they start thinking of how to sell them and move to senior or assisted living communities. Therefore, the emotions involved when a senior is selling a home that he or she has owned for a few decades are great, which is why a qualified senior realtor should handle the process of selling the family home and relocating the senior.

Who Is A Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor is the best professional to help a senior through all processes involved in buying or selling a home. These professionals are not your average realtors because they have additional training on how to handle seniors.

All senior realtors are accredited realtors who have attained either the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation or the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) credential. These professionals not only acquire skills and expertise in handling seniors, but also join a pool of professionals that include social workers, attorneys, and CPAs who assist seniors make a smooth transition.

People Who Benefit From Services Offered By Senior Realtors

Senior Realtors are professionals qualified to provide realtor services to everyone, especially persons above the age of 50 years. Since seniors are a market in real estate that is ever growing at a steady rate, the need for senior Realtors is increasing although it is more demanding compared to the work the average realtors have to do.

When Should You Look For A Senior Real Estate Specialist In San Jose?

When a senior expresses the desire to sell his or her house, the first person to call should be a senior realtor. Senior realtors will help the seniors to get the best downsizing services in the city because downsizing is a reality that most seniors have to deal with when it is time for them to move.

Senior realtors have training, expertise, and experience to handle seniors as they go through the emotional transition from their home to a different home. You, therefore, want them to be present as early as possible.

Senior realtors can help seniors manage their finances appropriately, by helping them work within their budget, making use of their 401k accounts and pensions, use the reverse mortgage to their advantage, and avoid dangerous loan schemes that usually target seniors.

You should also call senior realtors when you are not planning to sell your home, but you want to make customizations that help the senior live comfortably in the home they are living in. Some common customizations include installing wheelchair ramps and fixing grab bars in different rooms.

The Best Place To Find Senior Realtors In San Jose

Search for the most qualified Senior Real Estate Specialist in San Jose from the National Association of Realtors official designation page. A resource that lists down professionals, their websites, their contacts, and the companies they work in.

The Senior Real Estate Institute's directory of Certified Senior Housing Professionals is another great place to look for senior realtors in and around San Jose and California.

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