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San Jose Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Most seniors would prefer to age at home and have their daily care provided by a family member or loved one. A family caregiver may still need to have a daytime job away from home or may need to take personal time to attend to their own needs. In these situations, adult day care can help by providing a supervised environment that offers socialization and a hot lunch for seniors. Families who use adult day services can have a peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe place during the day. Let’s look at the details on licensed adult day programs in San Jose.

What you can expect from respite care and adult day care programs

Day care programs in the San Jose area for adults generally are set up to have caregivers drop off seniors and other adults who have a need for care and supervision during the day. Some area programs will have an option of transportation to and from the care center, which could be at a variety of locations in the community that make sense like a church, a senior living community, or a community center. Typically, care will be provided during normal working hours through the tradition Monday to Friday work week except on major holidays. You can choose to utilize care services 5 days out of the week, or you may decide the best choice for your loved one is just a few days per week of care. It’s also possible to use adult day programs for respite, if a caregiver needs to be away for a vacation or because of an illness.

A hot lunch will be provided by all adult day programs licensed by the state, and some may also give breakfast and healthy snack options to seniors. On-site nursing staff provide care throughout the day to seniors and will help monitor their medication schedule, keep them hydrated, and help out with personal needs like helping them to use the restroom or eat their lunch if needed. If your loved one has dementia, some centers in the area will have specialized staff and programming to meet their needs.

Activities vary by center but typically include fun, social opportunities like playing cards or board games, adaptive exercise, music therapy, pet therapy pets visiting the site, spending time outdoors, and field trips in the local area. The state of California requires all adult day care programs to be licensed by the California Department of Public Health. The California Association for Adult Day services is a valuable nonprofit resource for seniors who have questions about programs in their area.

Where can I find San Jose adult day care providers?

There are a number of state-licensed adult day programs available in the San Jose area that offer excellent programs for seniors. To find the right fit for you, begin by searching for a location nearby your home or office.

On Lok Senior Health Services has two San Jose locations that may be convenient to you at:

East Center: 130 N Jackson Avenue San Jose, CA 95116

299 Stockton Avenue San Jose, CA 94125

It may also be helpful to ask for recommendations from your loved one’s doctor, or friends and family in the neighborhood that you trust. If you need additional help, consider reaching out to CAADS directly for assistance by phone at (916) 552-7400.

How much does adult day care cost and how is it paid for?

In the San Jose area, the daily median cost for adult day care services is $90. At half the cost of a full day of in-home care, and about two-thirds the rate you would pay daily for assisted living, adult day care is a more affordable option. Seniors diagnosed with a cognitive or medical issue that require care could qualify to have their care funded through the benefits of a long-term care insurance policy. Seniors who have a low income may be eligible for assistance from program benefits from Medicaid or the VA.

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