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San Jose Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation centers situated within nursing homes are some of the greatest places that seniors can receive the care that they deserve outside the hospital. The above rehabs have all the professional caregivers a patient would require if he or she went through an accident, an operation, a heart attack, a stroke, or any other life-threatening complication that has left them different from the way they were.

Most people in nursing homes might be there to receive care for the long term, but a third is usually in nursing homes to receive short-term rehab care. Here is what you need to know about rehab care.

What Goes On In Rehabs In San Jose?

You might find a nursing home or a health institution offering transitional rehabilitation, short-term rehabilitation, or post-acute rehabilitation. The above terms all refer to the care that an individual receives to get well to the point of him or her recovering and eventually going home.

Caregivers at the rehab begin the above process by assessing an individual's care needs for them to know whether they have the right professionals, equipment, and facilities to take care of them. After a needs assessment, caregivers come up with a daily care plan specific to each patient because each patient's condition and severity are different, and they stick to the care plan.

Where To Go For Rehab Services In San Jose

Most of the assisted living communities and nursing homes in San Jose offer rehab services, so when a doctor refers you or a loved one to a particular facility for rehab services, then you can be sure to get the best services. However, for any reason where a doctor does not refer you to a particular facility, you can find the best rehabs in San Jose by searching through Here are some of the best:

Dawnview Care Almaden – This rehab is great in communication and taking care of patients, who hardly undergo treatment for too long.

Villa Fontana Retirement – The team of caregivers here is passionate and experienced in meeting patient's care needs and other services.

Courtyard Care Center – This is a clean and peaceful care center offering professional care and comfortable living for patients.

What To Look For In A Rehab In San Jose

Senior facilities have to have a good reputation among the staff, the patients, and even the family members who come to visit. A rehab should have outstanding records at the state inspector's office, and it should always be clean and neat. It is a great advantage if the rehab accepts Medicaid and Medicare because these help a lot when it is time to pay.

Which Is The Best Way To Pay For Rehab Care In San Jose?

Medicare is an excellent way to pay for the skilled nursing care a patient receives for a period. Medicare is great, but it is important to note that it has terms and conditions that a patient has to adhere to for the cover to be effective.

Other ways of paying for rehab services include using Medicaid; a government assisted health cover that also has terms and conditions a patient has to meet before it helps him or her.

Some patients end up paying using their personal savings, those with private insurance use their cover to reduce the burden, while others end up borrowing from friends and relatives.

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