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While health is important throughout one’s life, it becomes incredibly necessary to have it monitored once the body ages and becomes frail. One simple fall could do serious damage if left untreated. Senior care is imperative for older adults. A geriatrician in San Jose is best for the job, as he or she fully understands the aging body and what it needs to thrive.

Medical Centers Offering Geriatric Medicine

Sutter Health is a common name in California. The system operates numerous medical centers. One is the Palo Alto Center. It is roughly a 20 minute drive from San Jose. Another is the Santa Cruz Center, which is a little farther at 40 minutes. The Sunnyvale Center is the closest, just over 15 minutes away. Seniors in the area can choose between these options.

Geriatric Medicine at these centers focuses on not only the patients, but also their families. They provide on-site care during stays at nursing facilities and offer an online portal that makes it easier to contact the doctor, order medication, and view test results. An experienced medical team is available to meet all needs and concerns.

The Regional Medical Center is another option. A number of specialties within the center primarily focus on seniors, with an occasional case involving someone younger. These specialties include Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Men’s Health - Neurological Services, Palliative Care, and Urology and Oncology. Seniors often struggle with memory, urinary incontinence, and arthritis, which is why these departments are needed.

Hospitals Offering San Jose Senior Care

Good Samaritan Hospital has several Internal Medicine physicians on staff with subspecialties in Geriatric Medicine. There is not one senior care unit, but instead all seniors receive care based on their needs. One of the main departments seniors are seen is in the Joint Replacement Center. Arthritis and joint pain are two common problems faced by older adults, which is why the department was developed. The level of pain will be assessed to determine the proper course of treatment. It could mean joint replacement surgery, or simply taking medication to alleviate symptoms.

O’Connor Hospital is an additional option. The not-for-profit facility operates with upwards of 350 beds for patients. A number of services are offered, including Spiritual Care, which many adults ask for in old age. It includes pastoral visits, spiritual counseling, prayer, and help with end-of-life concerns. Patients may also be referred to local churches and faith communities so they can continue to seek faith during this trying time.

Other services involve rehabilitation, stroke care, cancer care, and emergency services. Imaging services and a laboratory are also available as needed for determining underlying issues. This could include finding a tumor, seeing why memory loss is occurring, and finding the reason for joint pain.

Searching for a Geriatrician in San Jose

Searching for a geriatrician in San Jose means utilizing the online tools available. The Regional Medical Center offers a “Find a Doctor” tool through their website. There is an option to browse by specialty, or site users can simply scroll through all possibilities to find a number of helpful specialists.

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