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San Jose Hospice Care

Reaching the end of life can be scary. Without a clear understanding of what comes after, we are left full of fear and worry. However, when we’re reaching the end of our life in poor health, it can also be uncomfortable and painful.

In order to make the transition a little smoother and more comfortable, hospice care providers are available. When medications and treatments are no longer doing what they should, the most that you can do is ensure your beloved senior is pain-free and relaxed.

About Your Hospice Care Team

Whether you’re looking for in-home hospice care or you need services while in a senior living facility, there are a number of hospice care providers in the San Jose area able to fit your needs. You will want to assemble an expert team of medical and emotional support to ease you and your family into the next step.

Here are a few of the key team players that should appear on your care team:

Doctors and Hospice Doctors: The senior’s primary doctor will work hand in hand with a hospice doctor in order to create a strategy to maintain comfort and reduce pain.

Nurses, Home Health Aides, and Homemaking Aides: Nurses and home health aids will help to administer the plan created by the doctors and hospice doctors. A homemaking aide can help the senior and their family with chores, cooking, cleaning, and personal care services.

Social Workers, Counselors, and Clergy: Supplemental emotional support services can be provided by counselors and social workers. At the end of life, it is also common to seek the services of a clergy for personal, spiritual reasons.

Volunteers: Many hospice providers also utilize trained volunteers. These individuals can run errands for the family, provide respite care, or even emotional support.

Finding the Right Hospice Service

When looking for the right hospice care provider, you’re going to want to consider the things that are important to the senior as they approach the end of their life. You’ll want to select a care provider that is capable of delivering all the services that the senior needs.

You should discuss the medical needs of the senior with your doctor before selecting a hospice service. Your existing medical team is also capable of giving you contacts to get in touch with for reputable hospice service.

To find hospice care providers in your area, can help to get you in touch with highly rated, professional hospice services.

Paying for Hospice Care

The cost of hospice care is covered by most private health insurers, but is also covered under Medicare. Many insurers will only cover what is necessary for the senior to live comfortably and pain-free, so you will want to discuss the details of the care you are looking for and any associated costs.

Many hospice care providers are willing to work with you to provide the care you need at a budget you can afford. Always be open about what you’re looking for and what your financial restrictions are.

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