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How to Get Around San Jose Without Driving

San Jose is a beautiful city well known for its magnificent hills and adventurous terrain. It is also the largest town in Northern California, which makes it difficult to get around without a car. Seniors and persons with disabilities often face with many mobility challenges in such big cities. However, if you do not drive, there are other options for getting around the town including taxi services, public transportation, and specialized transportation organizations for seniors.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart)

BART San Jose consists of transportation services such as VTA feeder buses, vehicles, traction power substations, passenger drop off facilities, structured parking facilities, a pedestrian bridge, and light rail service. All BART cars, buses, and trains are ADA compliant with ramps and wheelchair securing areas. Once you get a seniors BART ID card, you can get comfortable rides at little to zero costs. It is suitable for older adults since most of them are retired or have no income.

Taxi Services

Yellow Cab San Jose is one of the traditional cab services that offer rides to and from the airport, with dedicated customer services as well as point-to-point services. If you need to ferry family members for events including seniors, you can contact Guru Worldwide Transportation (GWT). They offer fast and affordable transportation around the city, which come in handy for weddings, medical appointments for seniors, sporting events, celebrations, and airport pick-ups as well as drop-offs. Taxi services are a great option if you are looking for convenience and professionalism.

Specialty Senior Transportation Services

Companies such as Quality Care Transportation in San Jose offer timely and dependable services to seniors and people with disabilities. They help seniors run errands, go to the hospital, do their shopping, as well as visit with their families and friends. They save them on the hassle of walking long distances, waiting in line and paying too much for transport services. Professional caregivers who help them also accompany them to help with mobility and errands. Some transportation options require you to call a week in advance or non-medical errands hence make sure that you have all the required details.

Ride-Sharing Services

Uber and Lyft are the most popular ride-sharing services in the world, and they are available in San Jose. For a city that has many high profile residential areas, being tech savvy is an advantage since you can get transport services by the touch of a button. Seniors can call for rides from home and pay through their phones.

Personalized Help To Find The Right Ride

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) gives a detailed senior mobility guide that helps seniors and physically challenged persons to access information on local public transport options, shuttles, private transportation, fitness, driver safety, and assistance programs.

The Department of Aging and Disability Services develops programs that help seniors and persons with disabilities with protective services, quality lifestyle, home care, as well as transportation. Call (408) 755-7600 for more information. You can also call 2-1-1, the state’s Health, and Human Services line, to find out what is available near you.

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