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How Much Does San Jose In-Home Care Cost?

Aging at home is the preference of most adults. In a 2015 survey, AARP found that the 50-64 demographic and the 65 and older demographic both would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes rather than live in a nursing home during their golden years. Of the 50-64 group, 71% were in agreement, and in the 65 and older group, 87% concurred. In the San Jose area, seniors have access to many different in-home care providers that make the dream of living at home as you age a reality, and many of them are actually more affordable than nursing home care.

In-home care facts and stats

Over 50 certified providers are available in the San Jose area to give in-home care services to seniors.

The number of home health aides in the country in 2014 was 800,000, and in the state of California alone there were 32,000.

California home health aides earned $27,580 per year on average in 2014.

Median care cost: Homemaker services in San Jose

Seniors in the San Jose area paid a median of $163 per day for homemaker care in 2015. Over a 44-hour workweek during a 52 week year, Genworth totals the care median annually to be $59,488.

For that price, you’ll receive in-home assistance with a variety of tasks including things like transportation to and from doctors appointments, grocery shopping and meal preparation, light housekeeping and help doing laundry. Homemaker services may also provide:

Assistance with dressing, grooming and personal care

Social interaction and companionship

Friendly reminders to take medication and stay hydrated

Help maintaining houseplants or caring for a pet

Conversations with your loved ones about your health and conditions

Homemaker services are a good option for seniors who have their health under control but could use a hand with tasks around the house or company to check in on them during the day.

Median care cost: Home health aide care in San Jose

Home health aide care services in San Jose are just slightly more expensive than homemaker services at a median of $165 daily. At a total annual cost of $60,060, home health aide services are near $60,000 less expensive annually than nursing home services which cost, on average, $115,888 in the San Jose area.

Home health aide services provide the same care as homemaker services, but also offer assistance with some medically based tasks like screening your blood pressure, checking your pulse, and taking care of wounds.

Gauging your in-home care needs

Having in-home care available can create a safe home environment to make you and your loved ones confident that you’re well cared for. Care providers will help you determine the care schedule that is best for you, and it will typically consist of one or more types of care from this list:

Respite care is available to seniors and provides a caregiver to help out when your normal caregiver is away or unable to provide care.

Part-time care can be a great option for seniors who need a little help around the home from time to time and allows a caregiver to stop by for a few hours daily or a few days during the week to provide care.

Full-time care can give you and your family peace of mind by providing a caregiver 40 hours per week while family is at work.

Live-in care allows seniors with more advanced care needs to live at home and have constant access to care.

Comparing providers of in-home care

Caregivers can be hired in two main ways, either through an agency or directly. Agency caregivers will be matched through a service based on your needs, and the agency will be responsible for managing the employee and supplying things like their payroll, taxes, insurance, and staffing.

Direct hire is a good choice if you have a loved one who will be providing your care and you want to compensate them, or if you want more control over the hiring process. Keep in mind, when you hire directly you are then an employer and will need to provide paychecks, file with the IRS, withhold taxes, and other business responsibilities.

Seniors considering agency provided care options should do research on the providers to ensure they have good care reputation. Word of mouth is a great tool, as are reading online reviews from customers on websites like the Better Business Bureau of the Silicon Valley.

In-home care: How to pay for it

When it comes to insurance that may cover in-home care, a long-term care policy is your best bet. With a condition that is verified by a doctor as needing assistance in your home, the benefits from your policy can cover the cost. If a long-term care policy isn’t an option, but you still need help, consider applying for Medicaid or the VA Aid & Attendance pension. Both programs are available to low-income seniors, and the pension requires that you are a veteran of an active duty wartime or the widow of one.

Cashing in a life insurance policy can also give you access to funds to pay for your care, as can taking out a reverse mortgage on your home. Both of these options require additional research and thought as there will be an impact on your taxes and estate. So, be sure to discuss your options with a financial, tax, or estate professional before making your choice.

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