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How Much Does San Jose Assisted Living Cost?

Seniors in search of quality assisted living options in the San Jose area can choose from about 175 support services to help them with day-to-day activities. Choices include in-home care from health aides, caregivers, and housekeepers or assisted living community residences that offer onsite amenities and extended service plans.

It is helpful to be aware of all of the available assisted living choices in your region when trying to decide which option best meets your needs. Here’s an in-depth overview of what you can expect from assisted living in San Jose including approximate costs as well as creative ways to save money and pay for the services.

As we age, sometimes the need arises to have support and help in daily living activities such as taking a bath or shower, getting dressed, or cooking meals. Assisted living services can provide help to seniors in several ways. Services may include:

Cleaning the house Washing the clothes Getting rides to appointments Help in the bathroom Assistance in grooming Help with the dispensing of medications

There are variations in the types of assisted living services, options of which include residing within a senior community facility or receiving onsite services within the comfort your own home. Assisted living centers come in all shapes and sizes, and may resemble small condominium or apartment style units along with the larger high-rise buildings and campus settings.

Those individuals that are still physically able to maintain an independent lifestyle with minimal assistance may prefer to continue to reside within their current homes and receive occasional support from home health aides or housekeepers. An assisted living residence that offers onsite services may be the better choice for those individuals that can benefit from a higher level of care.

Quick Facts on Assisted Living in San Jose

There about 175 licensed assisted living facilities within San Jose.

Available accommodation types include small 5-bed homes to larger campus-style facilities with more than 180 beds.

The California Dept. of Social Services (CDSS) maintains detailed assisted living facility data including assessment reports and inspections on their website.

Approximate Costs for Assisted Living in San Jose

Assisted living services in the San Jose area cost slightly more than the national median average. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey for 2015 posted the average expenses for assisted living in San Jose at about $48,000, which reflects an increase of 3% annually. In comparison, the national average annual rate for the same period was about $43,200 including an increase of 2% per year.

Homemaker services in San Jose during 2015 cost about $59,488 annually. Home health aide services came in slightly higher at a rate of $60,060 per year during 2015. These figures are based on the receipt of services that were performed during the course of 5 days spanning 44 hours within a weekly period for one full year.

What Essentials Are Included in the Cost?

Amenities and other types of services available with assisted living can all add up. While you are exploring your options, make sure you ask for details as to what is included in the costs and what amenities are added as extras.

Some examples of what you should check for are whether utilities are included if you live in a senior residence community and whether continuing care is available if the need arises. Carefully review all policies and documents so that you are fully informed of all your choices, options, and costs.

Creative Ways to Save Money on Assisted Living

Your budget is the starting point for determining how you may be able to save money on assisted living services. If you are still working, perhaps in a part-time job, or are considering going back to work if you are retired, that is one possible solution that can provide additional income.

Some seniors like the idea of sharing their home or residence with a friend or relative. Having a roommate is a cost effective way to providing substantial savings as you both shoulder and share the bills and other associated expenses that come with residing in an assisted living unit or apartment.

Alternative Solutions to Finance Assisted Living Care Services

The state of California offers their residents the benefit of the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) program as a way to help cover the expenses of assisted living services. Seniors living in California that may be within the low-income bracket can also take advantage of the state’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, to help them with the expenses connected to assisted living services.

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