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Financial Assistance for San Jose Seniors

The beautiful rolling hills and proximity to the Pacific Ocean aren’t the only things that San Jose offers its senior citizens. San Jose has developed a network of free and low-cost services for its aging population. Seniors have access to many programs that help them stay safely in their homes, get where they need to go, consume healthy meals, and be active and involved in their communities. San Jose takes some help from federal programs, state programs, the community, and even the local fire department.

Senior System Navigational Help

Seniors can get free, non-emergency community, health, and disaster information in Santa Clara County. Calls are answered by highly-trained call specialists who answer questions about non-profit services and agencies that can help with a variety of needs. Seniors just need to dial 2-1-1 and can reach help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call specialists are available in over 170 languages.

The Health Trust offers two programs that help seniors and their caregivers find the services they need. The Health Trust program recognizes that seniors appreciate and trust help from other senior citizens in their area. Their Senior Peer Advocates program certifies adult volunteers to serve as peer advocates for other seniors. Senior Peer Advocates work out of the senior centers, where they provide helpful information and assistance to other seniors who need resources for transportation, housing, health care, caregiving, family support, social and educational programs, and legal services.

The Health Trust program also operates AGEnts for Change, a program that trains volunteers to advocate for services which seniors need in the community.

Promoting Safety and Preventing Falling

San Jose has the benefit of being geographically located near Stanford University. The Trauma Service and Emergency Department at Stanford University Medical Center offers a program called Farewell to Falls for seniors living in Santa Clara or San Mateo County. The program includes information on medication review, home safety, home modification, home exercise and other important health services.

Santa Clara Senior Centers

Santa Clara County offers services for seniors and pre-seniors aged 50 and over at their local senior centers. Many of them are free. Seniors can take advantage of the following programs:

Cards and games Computer training Fitness classes Health insurance counseling Hearing & blood pressure screening Income tax and legal assistance Minor home repairs and maintenance Recreation, travel, and tours Volunteer opportunities

San Jose Mobility Management

OUTREACH is a non-profit, public benefit organization that supports the elderly, individuals with disabilities and low-income households towards independence and self-sufficiency. OUTREACH grew out of the War on Poverty program over 30 years ago. Since then it has grown to become one of the nation’s premier ADA paratransit transportation providers. Seniors can use the Senior Transportation and Resources (STAR) program for low or no cost, depending upon income, transportation to doctor appointments and health-related errands. OUTREACH uses cutting-edge technology and custom software to operate this cost-effective and efficient program. Employees are trained to support human service values in order to treat each client with respect and dignity.

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