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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in San Francisco

In the past, when a person retired, they would resign themselves to gardening, knitting or going to the casino. While this is still a perk of being retired, there are many people who are looking for something more. For many seniors who live in the San Francisco area, retirement is a unique and liberating experience that is full of more options than they have ever had.

Since today’s population of seniors is more active than ever before, the actual process of planning for retirement will require much more than just creating a budget. You will have to think about what you are going to do for the remainder of your life. For some seniors, getting a job and reentering the workplace is on their to-do list. However, this process can be a bit challenging and knowing where the job seeking opportunities are is quite beneficial. Helpful information and resources are found here.

Senior Job Seekers Resources

AARP, which is a trusted and well-known senior resource, offers a number of programs to help seniors who are seeking employment. One option is the Work channel, which provides information and education to help those who are over the age of 50 find a new job, update their resume, or increase their interview skills.

Another resource that may prove to offer helpful information is The National Employer Team. This is a collaboration by the AARP and the National Employer Team to help seniors who are looking for a job and are over the age of 50. This organization will help seniors find employers who see value in hiring experienced workers.

Opportunities to Work and Gain Experience for Seniors

The Senior Community Service Employment Program, commonly referred to as SCSEP, offers assistance for seniors who are seeking employment. This provides assistance to seniors in the area who need to strengthen their work abilities, obtain new experience and training and find new and appropriate job opportunities. For a senior to enter into this program, they will be required to meet age, employment, and financial requirements.

Other Resources and Help for Seniors Seeking Employment in San Francisco

One of the most helpful resources for seniors in regard to employment, as well as other services, is the AARP Foundation. The organization offers a number of programs for seniors seeking employment, including the WorkSearch Assessment System. This offers job assistance and community-level career help for seniors. This service allows seniors to improve their abilities and skills for jobs that peak their interest.

Another resource is America’s Job Center of California. These centers offer employment workshops and resources, which include career specialists who understand the existing labor market and who can assist seniors in their hunt for a job. This can be quite beneficial in the job search process.

The California Department of Aging (CDA) administers several different programs that serve older adults. There are a number of services that this department offers for more information about employment services.

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