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San Francisco Senior Services

San Francisco is an up and coming city with an abundance of new jobs, a great economy, and lots of new people moving into town. The weather is just perfect for seniors who like to attend the continuous stream of festivals, concerts, and cultural events in the city. A hazy fog comes in every night and rolls out in the early morning. The sun comes out to heat up the day and then a breeze wafts in later in the afternoon to cool things off. There is also a good supply of senior services to help out with the high cost of living in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Senior Services is a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing services for San Francisco’s seniors for several decades. The program provides shelter, medical care, dental care, prescription drug coverage, employment assistance, case management, transportation, meals, translation services, financial assistance, mental health, legal assistance, and health and wellness. The program also offers computer instruction, exercise classes, cooking classes, Tai Chi, games, walking groups, poetry groups, art instruction, and more.

Human Services Agency of San Francisco is a state department that develops and oversees programs for seniors and adults with disabilities. The department offers many seniors services including in-home supportive services, meals, computer training, legal services, and more.

On Lok, Inc. is the parent group for a group of non-profit organizations that are dedicated to developing healthcare models and services for older adults. The program provides a comprehensive health plan for long-term care that includes in-home and community based services. The program also administers a senior center that provides meals, home-delivered meals, and bilingual case management. Staff also helps seniors with housing needs. On Lok also administers an intergenerational program that brings seniors together with children in mutually beneficial relationships.

Openhouse is a program that provides services and support to LGBT seniors in San Francisco to reduce isolation and improve their overall health and well-being. The program helps seniors find LGBT-friendly housing, provides case management, friendly visiting, theater outings, games, art workshops, writing workshops, meals, support groups, exercise classes, health and wellness seminars, and caregiver support.

Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco is a faith-based program that focuses on preventing homelessness for seniors and other vulnerable populations by providing services that provide for their basic needs. The program provides shelters, supportive housing, educational programs, senior centers, meals, and case management.

The Arc of San Francisco is a program that supports people of all ages with developmental disabilities. The Arc’s Senior Services program provides a full program of social, recreational, and educational activities for adults age 45 and older. In addition to offering on-site classes and activities, seniors can participate in activities at senior centers and park or recreational facilities in San Francisco that serve a culturally diverse population. Activities include education, dance, music, movies, cooking, meditation, outings, and art classes.

The high cost of living and expensive housing can make it difficult for seniors living on a fixed income to maintain a reasonable standard of living. The senior services in San Francisco surely make it easier for seniors to have a quality of life, despite their financial status.

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