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San Francisco Senior Movers and Downsizers

It’s one thing for seniors to pack a few things away in boxes, but it’s another thing to think about having to dispose or move large items like baby grand pianos or antique furniture. Many seniors have trouble navigating second-story or basement stairs, let alone scaling them while carrying heavy boxes. While it’s worrisome enough to worry about exactly how to get things moved, seniors also have an emotional connection to many of their belongings. They may not want to get rid of anything. Trained senior movers can make a huge difference in helping seniors let go and have peace of mind.

What Sets Senior Movers Apart?

Senior movers may request that adult children, other family members, or close friends join in on the process to help seniors have a stronger comfort level with downsizing or moving. This doesn’t mean that family and friends need to be there the entire time of the move, but it often helps if a second person is there during the planning process. Senior movers can help decide which items can be donated, sold, and which items just need to be thrown away. Senior movers will be aware that certain items need to be accessible during the move, such as prescription medications and medical documents.

Creating Comfort in the Senior’s New Home

Senior moving services have realized that their services are needed beyond sorting, packing, and moving. Once items have been downsized and moved, seniors still need much help in getting things unpacked and organized in the new home. They need help with space planning in the new setting so that they can move around effortlessly which helps them to be as independent as possible. Many seniors can use help in getting their mail forwarded and getting utilities turned off at the old home and set up at the new home. It helps to have someone to help get electronics and internet up and running. For seniors that want to remain in their homes, having someone come in and help get things cleaned out and organized can be life-changing. Senior movers have added these kinds of services to their offerings.

Who to Call in San Francisco

San Francisco Movers-Golden Bay Relocation offers free quotes for all of their services. One of the ways they keep costs down is to encourage family and friends to help get things moved. This service provides a checklist of things that will help them make the process smooth and efficient. They remember all the details, including checking in with management of the buildings they are moving out of or into.

Simplicity Source helps seniors move forward while saving time, space, and money. This group provides organizing, consulting, and coaching on how to maximize space and storage, as the decluttering begins. Movers will do final cleaning and staging and unpack belongings at the senior’s new home.

Cross Country Movers take care of the move so that seniors can stay calm and take care of themselves. Cross Country uses technology and many years of experience to make sure all of the details are covered for packing, moving, downsizing, and relocating.

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