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San Francisco Senior Centers

San Francisco is home to the cable cars, the colorful Victorian houses, and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. This breathtaking city is also home to a big and growing population of seniors who love their city more than any other city in the world, owing to the amazing amenities it has to offer them. Seniors have a range of social options when choosing where to go to play games, to keep fit, and to learn, among other things.

Where do seniors go to play games?

Games are an important aspect of human life, where every age group loves to participate in different types of games at various times. Most seniors prefer playing games and engaging in sports that do not require so much energy, games such as Bingo, card games, monopoly, and the like. Seniors can play such games in San Francisco at places like the Curry Senior Center. Seniors looking for more intense sports can sign up for the California Senior Games.

Where Do Seniors Who Want To Keep Learning Go?

The more people learn, the more they realize that they do not know so much. Seniors, even in their retirement years, have the privilege of attending universities and colleges as part of their Lifelong Learning program. Seniors need not pay any tuition money to attend the above classes, but the value they get from learning is beyond explanation. Seniors can also visit the San Francisco Public Library to brush up on or learn everything they need to learn about computers or visit the Sharon Art Studio to learn as much as they can about art.

Where do seniors go to keep fit?

One of the greatest advantages of staying fit for seniors is that they get to retain their independence well into their old age. Seniors who do not take the trouble to keep fit will often find that they need assistance with basic activities very early into their retirement, as opposed to the situation where fit seniors will hardly ever require assistance except with demanding tasks. Great places for seniors to go to keep fit include the San Francisco Senior Center Aquatic Park Fitness and Wellbeing, and The JCCSF Fitness Center.

How Can Seniors Take The Stage?

As people grow old, they leave most of their roles and responsibilities to the younger generation, including the singing, dancing and acting roles they once held. However, seniors in San Francisco have another opportunity to continue building their talents even in their old age. Seniors with a passion for singing can keep singing by signing up with senior choirs such as the CMC Bayview Older Adult Choir, while those that love dancing can attend San Francisco Recreation and Parks Golden Gate Park Seniors and perform on stage occasionally.

Where Do Seniors Meet Other Seniors?

The above forums are ideal for seniors to meet and make new friends; however, seniors still need more forums where they can come together and share their passions and their goals. Senior Meetups are ideal meeting places where seniors who share common goals and objectives can interact. Single seniors can set up their profiles on senior dating sites in San Francisco and get an opportunity to meet with other singles looking for love.

Where Do Seniors Sign Up To Travel The World?

Seniors in San Francisco form travel clubs, which facilitate group tours to various parts of the country and even the world. The travel clubs, with assistance from professional tour operators, can take advantage of group packages during the most affordable seasons, a situation that leads to the seniors having great fun at a considerably low cost.

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