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San Francisco Elder Law Attorneys

Dealing with complicated legal woes is no senior idea of an ideal retirement but that is the case for many elderly people. They spend their days trying to navigate complicated issues with healthcare providers, pension plans, and various government agencies leaving them little time to relax or think about other things like writing their will or planning their estate. You can avoid this type of stress by using an elder law attorney to handle all of your legal issues. While you enjoy your retirement they will work to make sure your wishes are met and your future is secure.

Why An Elder Law Attorney Is Important

Like many other areas of law, elder law can get complicated fast and what starts out as something simple turns into a complicated mess. An elder law attorney can help you avoid this problem because they spend their days dealing with these issues. They also know that every decision and aspect of the law can have various consequences. Take your Medicaid benefits which are determined based on your personal assets. If your personal assets change because of something like an inheritance your benefits could change and so could your health care.

You also want an attorney that can help you outside of the courtroom, not just in it. Elder law attorneys know this can be a stressful time for seniors and will use their connections to the community to make sure you and your family get the support and care you need.

Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

Seniors make up most of the client base for elder law attorneys and if you’re a senior you can hire an elder law attorney to deal with legal issues pertaining to elder law. If you have a family member that is a senior you can also hire an elder law attorney if you need help with things like guardianship or conservatorship. They can also help if you suspect there has been senior abuse or are worried your relative can’t handle their affairs on their own.

Best Time For An Elder Law Attorney

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to hire an elder law attorney so as you start to write your will or plan your estate you should consider using one. Estate planning is again, complicated, and elder law attorney will make the process easier. They know how the relationship between federal benefits and personal assets work and they can navigate advance healthcare directives. This will make everything less stressful for you and your family.

You can also use an elder law attorney if you’re dealing with things like:

Senior abuse

Senior housing issues

Retirement management

Medicaid benefits or VA benefits

Long-term care options or insurance

Age discrimination

Because each elder law attorney only specializes in a few aspects of elder law, find one that fits your area of need.

Locating An Elder Law Attorney

It isn’t too difficult to find a good elder law attorney if you know where to look. Start with suggestions from close friends or neighbors or even other attorneys in the area. The National Elder Law Foundation and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys that lists elder law attorneys in your city.

The State Bar of California has a lawyer referral service that you can use to find attorneys based on your county. They also list legal aid services for seniors who might not be able to afford an attorney.

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