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Live Like a Local in San Francisco

Even if it is your first time to visit San Francisco you already know that it holds one of the Seven Wonders of the World - The Golden Gate Bridge, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. You must also look for an opportunity to visit the famous Pier 39, one of the most visited shopping centers and tourist sites in San Francisco. San Francisco is a great city and anyone visiting this city for the first time is in for an experience that he or she will never forget.

Best Dining Places In San Francisco

You can find Spanish delicacies in the Bellotta. The chef knows his way around his kitchen, and he ensures that he delivers his best with every meal. You can try the Paellas and wash them down with a glass of Spanish white wine for a complete experience. If you leave home before having dinner and wish to go and have some drinks, you should go to Cala. Cala offers great trout tostadas, mussels tamale, and ceviche which you can enjoy as you sip your favorite tequila. You need to eat well if you are looking forward to a wild night.

Have you tried eating crispy pig ears? Yes, that is a delicacy. You can visit the Itani Ramen in Uptown Oakland, which serves Japanese cuisine. You can visit Itani Ramen with your family, friends, or even coworkers. You can go all out Japanese and grab a Japanese beer after your finger-licking meal.

Where To Shop In San Francisco

Do you hate shopping in crowded places? Stanford Shopping Center is a great place to do all your shopping, since although it is a low key market, residents consider it to be the classiest open air mall in San Francisco.

If you are all about excitement, the Santana Row Shopping Center is the place for you because it feels just like Las Vegas. The whole shopping center gives an old world European style.

Do you want to shop until you drop? Westfield San Francisco Center is one of the biggest urban malls that border the Mississippi River to the west and has everything you would want available in the more than 200 stores you will find there. The above hoping center is popular with the locals but especially the ladies because they can shop all day here.

San Francisco: Hairdressing And Haircuts

If you want to feel like you are getting your hair done in Paris, book an appointment with the Atelier Emmanuel Salon & Day Spa. What makes this a unique place is the fact that most of the hair stylists are French, and they know what styles the locals prefer. Barrow Salon is a perfect place to color your hair, get a haircut, and get a blow-dry or any other procedure you would want.

If you are looking for a place to party and have fun or even to have quiet and conservative nature walks while enjoying the scenery, San Francisco is the place for you. Feel free to hit the town in style and enjoy all the above places.

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