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San Diego Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement age individuals and couples in the San Diego area are in luck because there are a lot of fun volunteer opportunities out there for active adults. You may find yourself working with people from all different backgrounds in a city as diverse as San Diego. There are a lot of different ways to find positions near you that match your unique interests, values, and goals.

If you are interested in spearheading volunteer projects, then you should let a nonprofit know about your ideas. There is often a lot that a group wants to accomplish, but they simply don't have the manpower or resources to do it. Volunteers like you are needed to get the ball rolling on creating a better world for everyone. Here are some ways to find volunteer opportunities in San Diego.

Lists of Activities At Your Retirement Community

Service is an important part of retirement for a lot of people, so many retirement communities have people that help coordinate service projects for seniors. If they don't have projects that interest you, the community can help you find a local nonprofit that you want to work with that meets any special needs you might have.

City Of San Diego

The city has a lot of positions across a variety of sectors. You can apply to volunteer at a branch of the library or mentoring neighborhood youth. If you like the outdoors, you may consider volunteering for parks and recreation department positions. The City Of San Diego has beach clean-up projects that are appealing to a lot of those that want to make San Diego a better place to live.

The Arc Of San Diego

The Arc's mission is to help those with disabilities lead an enriched and fulfilling life. This means there are positions available at all levels. You may find yourself tutoring a student that suffers from a learning disability, or help out at a summer camp designed to empower individuals.

San Diego Zoo

Although you may have to complete some extra training and other requirements, volunteering at a zoo is something that is fun for almost everyone. If your talents allow you to be a great teacher, then you may eventually give tours or conduct a wildlife education class for school children.

Volunteers are only allowed to take care of smaller animals. If you want a short term project, then you may want to help out with a special event or fundraiser. Those who like working with children will find a lot of opportunities to do so.

San Diego Audubon Society

If you love nature, then the Audubon Society needs you to help educate others and help preserve nature. As a volunteer, you will most likely be assigned to work at one of several nature preserves. There are positions available for office work, conservation, and outreach. The volunteer coordinator can help match you up with a project that you will enjoy. If you have friends and family in the area, then consider volunteering together.

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