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San Diego Senior Centers

San Diego has lots to offer retirees. In addition to beautiful beaches, amazing museums, delicious food, and fun cultural activities, it’s an awesome place to meet new people and make new friends in the many senior groups in the area. There are opportunities to play cards and games, take continuing education classes, showcase your talents on stage, meet singles or those with similar interests nearby, or travel the world with like-minded people.

If you’re in the mood to play games

San Diego has 10 different senior centers run by the city and a number more run by not for profit organizations. You’ll find activities schedules unique to each one that offer card and board games weekly with friends. For example, at the Serving Seniors location on 14th Street, retirees can participate in Bingo or ping pong. At The Center, San Diego’s LGBT friendly community center, seniors can participate in the weekly Canasta card game.

If you’re craving knowledge

If you’re someone who values continuing education, check out one of the dozens of senior-specific classes available. Serving Seniors believes in lifelong learning and has classes in the areas of health education, arts, games, fitness, and general knowledge to keep you at the top of your game. The Museum of Photographic Arts offers photography courses for retirees for free, and even provides the equipment needed for the course. Pre-registration is required. You can see the complete listing of all of the classes and opportunities for seniors in the San Diego area by reading the monthly newsletter The Scroll online.

If you want to get moving

Physical activity is a key to aging well, and there are no shortage of ways to stay active in San Diego. At the Balboa Park Senior Lounge you can participate in their daily park walks to explore and get in some exercise. You can also join a chair yoga class or the feeling fit club at Serving Seniors. The Center offers weekly gentle yoga classes to members, and at community centers throughout the area, you’ll find a variety of fitness classes and exercise opportunities.

If you want to perform for a crowd

The arts scene in San Diego is booming, and retirees have dozens of ways to take center stage. In each installment of The Scroll, you can read about performance opportunities. Pianists can join a weekly performance group in the Santa Fe Room at Balboa Park during the summer, and dancers can attend themed dance nights the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Balboa Park Club. The park also hosts acting and poetry workshops, as well as senior talent shows throughout the year.

If you want to make new friends online and in person

Meetup groups are an easy way to connect with nearby seniors with similar interests and set up a time to meet and socialize. Whether you’re looking for love, or searching to find others who share your love for food, fashion, theater, or culture, you’re sure to find a match in the area.

Explore outside of San Diego

If your wanderlust is begging to be satisfied and you want to travel, there are many senior-friendly options to make the trip of your dreams a reality. If you’re looking for day trips to nearby attractions, check out your local senior center to travel with a group and have a great time. If you’re thinking about traveling farther away through the country or internationally, consider booking through travel agencies that specialize in senior travel. Elder Treks or Row Adventures plan adventure excursions for seniors to places like Egypt, Greece or Europe, while Women Traveling Together can assist single female travelers with planning small-group trips with other women traveling to exotic locations solo.

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