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San Diego Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Caregivers who take care of family members or loved ones, as well as work full-time jobs, need all the extra help they can get. Adult day care services and respite care can offer that helping hand when they need it most. These programs can allow caregivers to go to work, take care of errands, or just get a break from their duties all while knowing that their loved one is being supervised and cared for. San Diego has plenty of resources and here is what you should know about adult day care.

What Adult Day Care And Respite Care Is Like

If you have never used adult day care before, you might be wondering what it entails. It is a drop-off program that gives seniors a place to go when they need care and their primary caregiver can’t be there. There are some programs that offer full-day and half-day services and generally, it is open five days a week, Monday through Friday, except for major holidays. The full-day schedule is typically from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to accommodate the usual workday and you might even be able to find some programs that operate on the weekend for a few hours if needed.

There are many different locations that you can find day care centers, but most often they will be at senior or community centers all throughout the city. There will be a nursing staff that can tend to the medical and physical needs of all the seniors and handle things like medications and other medical issues that might occur.

Facilities that are licensed by the state must provide each senior with a hot lunch and most often will provide breakfast and snacks throughout the day. In addition to medical care and meals, day care programs will also take care of the mental and social needs of the seniors. Each place will vary, but there will be group activities that include things like board games, exercise classes, arts and crafts, and other social pastimes. There could also be scheduled field trips around town or visiting groups that will provide entertainment.

Programs And Services In San Diego

The San Diego Health & Human Services is largely in charge of licenses and certification for facilities, but there are multiple groups across the state that can help you find a facility near you. Here are a few locations in San Diego where you can start your search:

Clairemont Villa Adult Day Health Care Center 5150 Murphy Canyon Rd. (858) 576-8575

Casa Pacifica Adult Day Health care 1424 30th St. Suite C (619) 424-8181

St. Paul’s Intergenerational Senior Day Services 328 Maple St. (619) 239-6900

Neighborhood House Adult Day Health Care Center 851 S. 35th St. (619) 233-6691

Glenner Memory Care Center 3686 Fourth Ave. (619) 543-4704

You can also look at the California Association for Adult Services to find more facilities in San Diego as well as ask doctors, friends, and family for their recommendations.

Paying For Adult Day Care Services

In San Diego, the average daily cost of adult day care is around $80 and while that seems a bit high, it is cheaper than the daily cost of an in-home health aide which is $150. Low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits or VA-benefits to help cover their cost and California has support for Medicaid-approved seniors seeking adult day care. Long-term insurance is another option and could cover the cost of these programs, if they’re needed for a medical or cognitive issue.

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