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San Diego Neighborhood Guide

There is a lot to love about sunny San Diego. If you are a senior that is looking for a great climate and a lot of amenities, then San Diego is definitely worthy of your consideration. If you are already a little bit familiar with the area, you may already have some idea as to what areas are most appealing.

Of course, there are also financial aspects to consider. Retirement costs can rise a lot over the years, so you want to be sure that you decide on an area that is manageable or have a plan for when needs increase. Here are a few neighborhoods that offer good levels of amenities and accessibility for seniors.

Banker's Hill

For those that like to bicycle around town, Banker's Hill is a haven. This is where bike technology is tested. Abundant bike lanes make this an easy area to navigate without a car. The palm-lined streets and architecture are charming. This is a great neighborhood to catch some Jazz and eat a great meal.

Bay Park

If you want a bargain in the San Diego area, than Bay Park is worth a look. Although getting around is not as easy as it could be, they are expanding the trolley system and trying to create a community that is less car-dependent. This area of San Diego has rents and home values that are less than half of areas such as Bird Rock. Lots of restaurants and shopping mean you don't have to go outside the community for anything.

Lemon Grove

Can we say what a bargain? With rents that are less than $2,000 on average, this up and coming neighborhood has a lot to offer and is great for those who want to retire in the San Diego area on a budget. This is a very environmentally aware community. Even the art installations on city property generate energy.

Lemon Grove is big on developing their transit system so you can take in the city without driving. While the town maintains vending machines for tourists, they take their environmentally friendly philosophy to the next level by only offering healthy snacks.

Plan Your Retirement Sooner Rather Than Later

It is very common for people not to consider aging in their life plan. Over time, we will all need some help with our needs. This doesn't necessarily mean you need a 24-hour attendance, but at some point making things easier and more convenient is going to play a role in your life. San Diego has excellent support for those that need memory care as well. The Alzheimer's Association maintains an office that is very active in helping seniors.

Planning your retirement is usually something that is discussed with family and trusted friends. Your financial planner can help you determine what type of retirement you can afford over the years. Getting good financial advice when you decide to retire from your job is crucial. You can do a lot with a retirement fund if you plan properly.

Younger workers should be thinking about retirement as well so they can make their money work best for them over a time period.

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