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San Diego Hospitals

If you have been using the same general care doctor for years, you might be hesitant to switch practitioners. However, if you’re over the age of 65, you should consider using a geriatric physician. These doctors specialize in the health and conditions of seniors and can make sure that issues specific to aging are addressed quickly and properly.

San Diego is home to some of the best geriatric doctors and hospitals in the state and many have nationally ranked care facilities. Their geriatric units include a variety of care services and providers that are just for seniors. Here you can find some of the top hospitals and resources to services in your area.

Specialty Services And Senior Care Hospitals In San Diego

The US News and World Report has researched over 5,000 hospitals across the nation and ranked them for each major city in the country. This makes it simple to find some of the best hospitals for senior care and in San Diego, UC San Diego Medical Center is the number one hospital in the area as well as the number five hospital in California. UC San Diego Medical Center is a teaching hospital that has been nationally ranked for twelve of their adult specialties, which include their geriatrics unit. Their pulmonology, neurology, and cancer departments are also some of the best in the nation.

Their senior services include primary care as well as specialized programs for arthritis, heart health, stroke care, memory loss, movement disorders, and hearing loss. They also have a few locations so it can be easier to find one that is closer to your home.

Scripps La Jolla Hospital has ranked number two in the San Diego metro area, and is located just outside of San Diego. They have been nationally ranked in eight adult specialties and their geriatrics department is number 31 in the nation. They also have ranked cardiology, orthopedics, diabetes, and pulmonology departments. They have high performance marks for COPD, heart bypass surgery, heart failure, and hip and knee replacement.

Scripps Mercy Hospital has also made the top list and comes in at number three in the San Diego metro area. They have a nationally ranked diabetes and endocrinology department and high performance ratings for gastroenterology, pulmonology, and urology. They also have a 24-hour urgent care clinic for adults and children.

Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center is the number four hospital in San Diego and number thirty-three in California. They have a high performance ranking for COPD and heart failure, and have a high number of nurses and services in their geriatric unit.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital is ranked at number five in the San Diego metro area and has a high performance rating for COPD and hip replacement surgery. They have a large number of senior services and support for caregivers as well.

Locating A Geriatrician In San Diego

It might be a little tricky to find a geriatric physician because you can’t always search for them on a hospital’s website. You can search sites like US News and World Report and use their doctor finder to find any number of physicians in your area. The American Geriatric Society also created Health In Aging website that has a geriatric physician finder so you can find providers near you. You can also ask for recommendations from your primary care doctor as well as trusted friends and family.

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