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San Diego Demographics and Lifestyle

San Diego is famous for being "America's Finest City" and it sure lives up to its fame. Located in Southern California, along the Pacific Ocean, the white sandy beaches stretching for miles, the great weather, the fun attraction sites, and the beautiful people make this place amazing. Here is what makes San Diego such a great place to retire in.

Who Are The San Diegans?

San Diego shares a border with Mexico, and this contributes to the cultural diversity of the city. People from all parts of the world come to live in San Diego, and this situation has resulted in the residents speaking over 100 different languages.

San Diego has slightly more than 1.3 million inhabitants, 50.5% of which are male. According to suburban stats, Whites make up 58% of the population, Latinos or Hispanics make up 28%, Asians make up 15%, African Americans make up 6%, other races make up 12%, and mixed races make up 5%. Slightly more than a quarter of the San Diegans are under 20 years while 11% of the population is over the age of 65 years.

San Diego's economy is stronger now than it has been in the last few years, with unemployment falling below 4.8%, but the cost of living standing at 21.2% above the national average.

The Climate In San Diego

San Diego experiences the Mediterranean type of climate, which is characteristic of mild winters and warm, dry summers. The coldest month in San Diego is December, which has an average temperature of 48.9°F during the nights whereas August is the hottest month with daytime temperatures going as high as 77.5°F.

January is San Diego's wettest month, with most rainfall experienced between December and March, while July is the driest month with experiencing 0.03 inches of precipitation. Snow is a very rare occurrence here in San Diego since the snow days in the past century are nearly negligible.

Residents prepare themselves for earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires, which can cause serious communication, power, and water interruptions, by storing up enough supplies to last three to five days without outside help.

Plants And Animals In San Diego

San Diego is relatively hot and dry for the better part of the year, so most of the plants and trees here are the drought resistant type with small leaves and very deep roots. Concerning endangered species, San Diego has the highest number of endangered plant and animal species in the United States.

The diversity of its habitat makes San Diego one of the best places to view birds, wildlife, and plants. For example, you will find the Torrey pine tree here, an endangered pine tree, together with other trees in the Torrey Pine State Reserve along the coast.

San Diego is home to Bats, Foxes, Coyotes, non-poisonous snakes, the wild pig, the mountain lion, and over 490 bird species, making it a great place for bird watching and viewing wildlife. The San Diego Zoo is home to different types of wildlife, including Amphibians, Insects, Spiders, Mammals and even Reptiles.

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