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Medicare in San Diego

Many seniors rely on Medicare to help cover the cost of their medical supplies, prescriptions, and other medical services. In fact, most of the 422,056 beneficiaries in San Diego county are seniors with the average age being 72. If you or a family member needs help with Medicare concerns such as finding a doctor, coverage information, and hospitals that accept Medicare you can find it here, online, and around your city.

Medicare: A Brief Summary

Medicare is a federal health plan, that is only eligible to seniors 65 and older, younger people with disabilities, and people who have end-stage renal disease. It is broken down into four parts that cover different services and you can choose what you want based on your medical needs.

Part A is hospital coverage. This manages things like a skilled nursing facility or hospital stay as well as hospice care and even some home health care options.

Part B is medical coverage. This manages things like your doctor visits, any preventative care or outpatient services, and if you need them medical supplies.

Part C is called Medicare Advantage Plans. It is a customizable health plan through a private company who will cover Part A and B often with their own prescription coverage fee.

Part D is additional prescription coverage for those who have original Medicare Parts A and B.

By The Numbers: Medicare Facts In San Diego County

In 2014, San Diego county spent about $1.92 billion on Medicare costs which is a sharp decline from the $2.17 billion they spent in 2013.

There is a 17.6% hospital readmission rate in San Diego County which is .79% higher than the national average.

There are more women (52.5%) using Medicare benefits in the county than men (47.5%).

43.6% of beneficiaries have high blood pressure and that is 11.5% lower than the national average.

37% of Medicare spending goes to inpatient care costs and 12% goes to outpatient costs.

Location: Where To Find Medicare Offices In San Diego

In San Diego, Social Security offices also handle Medicare questions and issues. You can find help locally at: SSA Office 8505 Aero Dr. San Diego, CA 92123 (800) 772-1213

You can also get Medicare help and information through the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program at Elder Law & Advocacy. All of the counselors are registered with the California Department of Aging and will offer unbiased counseling services.

5151 Murphy Canyon Road Suite 110 San Diego, CA 92123 Phone: (858) 565-1392

There is also a regional office in San Francisco, that you can contact by phone or through email as well as, that has any information you need on your coverage.

Approved Care: Finding A Doctor Or Facility

You can use Medicare’s Physician Compare tool in order to quickly find approved care providers in your area. You can search for specific doctors to see if they accept Medicare as well as search group practices and find health services for specific conditions and illnesses. Say you wanted to find a geriatric physician in San Diego, it would show you that there are 65 healthcare professionals within 10 miles of the city.

You can get even more information if you click on any entry. This will show you where they are located, where they can practice, and what kind of Medicare they accept. If you want to find a nursing home, dialysis center, home health care, or any other medical service that is Medicare-approved, there are search engines for those needs as well.

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