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How to Get Around San Diego Without Driving

Living in a city as big as San Diego has its benefits and its downfalls. One of the downfalls is that it can be a hassle trying to get around without an automobile. One of the benefits is that several other transportation alternatives are readily available. You will have no problem getting from one place to the next with San Diego’s public transit, taxi services, service organizations, and home health care services.


The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) offers light rail and bus services throughout San Diego County and parts of East County. There are also reduced fares and passes available to senior citizens aged 60 years and older. All you need to do is show proper identification to demonstrate your age, and you can get 50 percent or more off. SDMTS’s trolleys and buses are full-equipped with accessible systems, and state law requires riders to give up their seat to seniors, so you can be certain there will always be a seat available for you.

Call a Cab

Whether you need to go to the doctor’s office or the grocery store, there is a broad range of taxi companies ready to take you anywhere in San Diego. You can make reservations on your home computer or over the phone with the licensed taxi services in San Diego, such as City Captain Transportation, Yellow Cab, and Torrey Pines Town Car. You can also prepay for rides with some of the taxi companies when you want to give an elderly relative professional door-to-door services.

Home Care Ride Services

There is a wide selection of home health care providers in San Diego who will give seniors transportation to take care of daily tasks and running errands. Some of the businesses that market their senior ride services online are Synergy Home Care, Comfort Keepers, 24Hr HomeCare – San Diego. This is an excellent choice for golden agers because you will likely know your driver since they are usually your caregiver, you can go in your caregiver’s car or your own, you can get companionship and assistance while shopping, and you are free to make all the stops you want.

Share a Ride

San Diego has both of the main rideshare enterprises, Lyft and Uber. This makes it simple to get door-to-door help, schedule transportation in advance, and to get transportation when you need it. If you are savvy with computers or have friends who can help you, this is an excellent choice. Since there are times when the pricing surges, you need to be sure that you understand how the pricing works. For instance, prices rise dramatically during rush hour.

Custom Services Find You the Ideal Ride

Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation exists to help San Diego County seniors with barriers to mobility so they can achieve independence through coordination of ride services. Seniors 60 and over who do not have any other transportation options can get low-cost rides every day of the week from 7am to 8pm.

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