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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in San Diego, CA?

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in California. This is one reason why it is a popular retirement choice for those looking for fun and a great community vibe. The cost of retiring in San Diego is going to be determined by a lot of factors. For example, if your health care requires you to be as close as possible to a major medical facility, then this is something that must be considered.

Many seniors find themselves being forced to make a choice as to what size living space they need to be comfortable. A larger space is more to take care of and can take a big bite out of your retirement fund. Sharing a space with a roommate can help reduce costs.

Factors That Determine Rent, Utilities, And Other Living Expenses

The type of care you and your spouse need can play a big role in how much it costs you per month for basic needs. Independent living communities where you take care of a lot of your daily needs are much less expensive than assisted living or full-time nursing care.

Any retirement community should have a detailed list of their price structure and will work with you to determine what you need and give you an estimate.

One bedroom apartments in San Diego rent for $1,723 and two bedroom apartment rents average $2,202. Keep in mind this doesn't include anything beyond rent and utilities. It is important to budget for long-term needs and costs rising.

You can save a lot by having a roommate. Instead of paying $1,723, you could be paying $1,100 per month. Having a roommate means your living costs are $7,500 less than renting yourself. Over five years of renting could add an extra $37,500 to your expense account.

Purchasing a home in San Diego is a big investment at a median price of $535,500. Homes cheaper than the median may need repairs or renovations, so you need to consider this detail. Seniors that want to purchase homes should look strongly at those that are more handicapped accessible or can be remodeled easily.

Medical Care Is Abundant

The University Of San Diego Medical Center is considered one of the top systems in the country. Here you will be able to have the best in health care choices. Veterans may elect to use the VA San Diego Healthcare System.

Finding Fun And Entertainment

San Diego has a fantastic mild climate so there are a lot of days where you can plan on outdoor activities that cost very little to do. Sitting on the beach with a good book and a picnic might become your new favorite way to spend a beautiful day.

Volunteering for charitable organizations or having a part-time job are popular choices for seniors that find they have a lot of free hours to fill. Many seniors have a variety of weekly events and work that allow them to stay active and healthy.

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