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Financial Assistance for San Diego Seniors

San Diego is one of those cities in the United States with an amazing blend of people from diverse cultures. Its proximity to the coast, its fantastic climate, its rich history, and abundance of resources and amenities only contribute to making life in San Diego quite expensive, with its cost of living currently at 21.1% above the national average.

Senior citizens would feel the pinch of living in this city, were it not for the area agencies and nonprofit organizations that contribute towards the financial needs of seniors and their ease of access to essential amenities. Here is how financial assistance for seniors works in San Diego.

Hot Food And Assistance With The Groceries

As a way for the federal government to help seniors and low-income families to meet their diet and nutrition needs, it has set-up Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program called CalFresh, which is a replacement of the Food Stamp Program. Thanks to this program, seniors can purchase nutritious food and groceries concerning the size of their family and income.

Other nonprofit organizations such as the San Diego food bank and Meals on Wheels work with volunteers and donors to feed seniors and help them with their grocery shopping. In many cases, these volunteers become the only people that interact with the seniors who live alone, making this service even more valuable than it sounds.

Utilities And House Maintenance Assistance

Seniors residing in San Diego need assistance paying their utility bills, because San Diego is an expensive place to live in especially for someone who has retired. The San Diego County Assistance Programs help seniors pay their utility bills, their rent, and other expenses that they incur. Campesinos Unidos, Inc. is another government agency that helps seniors in San Diego pay their utility bills, set-up in-home weatherization, and offer emergency assistance.

Home repair and maintenance in San Diego is a vital service that most seniors cannot do or hire someone to do it for them. The best thing here is that there are volunteers, nonprofit agencies, and government organizations that offer repair and maintenance services to seniors at very low costs and at times no cost at all.

The work that the volunteers do in a senior citizen’s home includes installing grab bars in the bathrooms and along the corridor, constructing a ramp where there are stairs, lowering the cabinets where applicable, and other tasks that make the home more accessible.

Social Time And Rides

Senior citizens can be confined to their homes because of an illness or weakness of the body, or they can have the strength to go to places where they can socialize with other senior citizens. For those who have to stay home, San Diego has volunteers who take food, medicine and everything they need to their homes, and they end up being some of the few people the elderly people get to socialize with.

If a senior can get to a recreational center, where he or she can engage in activities specially designed for seniors, they get to socialize with their peers. For recreational activities, volunteers can provide these seniors with specialized transportation.

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