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Caregiving in San Diego, CA

When you begin to care for an aging loved one, there is no question that it is a demanding job. For some adult children, as well as other family members, the role of caregiver can become all-encompassing. As a person travels down the road as a caregiver, they may find they need help. Regardless of how much you love and care for the person, you will from time to time require a break. The good news is that there are a number of resources in the San Diego area that can help. Some of the resources can be found here.

Getting Away from Caregiving Duties for a While

If you are looking for a break from caregiving duties, you will likely be searching for some type of respite care. There are both short and long-term options for respite care, including the following:

Ask family and friends for help. You can request that siblings, cousins or anyone else who may have some free time take a few hours a week to help out. While this can be difficult for some families, it is the best way to get assistance without a huge price tag attached.

Consider daycare options for adults. Usually simply referred to as “adult day care,” these facilities have been specifically designed to care for seniors in the community. They offer transportation, meals, activities, and even occupational and physical therapy in some cases.

Hire a few employees. This does not necessarily mean someone who provides care for the senior, but who may take some of the household duties off of your shoulders. You can hire a housekeeper, pet walker, or even someone to cook meals.

There are also a number of residential facilities in the community that offer respite care and can be a great way to get away for the weekend or an extended period of time.

Advice, Help and Support for Caregivers

While getting away from time to time can be beneficial, it may also be a good idea to locate support, help and advice from other caregivers who are in the local community.

One option is the Caregiver Resource Center which has headquarters in California. There are 11 different centers in the state that will offer the information that is necessary for caregivers in the local community.

The Southern Caregiver Resource Center offers a number of support groups for caregivers in the local community. These are all offered on an ongoing basis and at no charge to those who use them.

The Health & Human Services Agency also offers support groups in the San Diego area. If you are relatively providing care for an elderly family member, then these services can be beneficial. They provide help with care management services, counseling and support groups, and even caregiver skills training services.

Finding Long-Term Care when Family Caregiving is No Longer Possible

From time to time, a family caregiver may discover that they are no longer able to provide adequate care for their senior loved one. This can be due to a huge change in their life, such as having to move for work, having a new child, or due to their own health and medical issues. Regardless of the reason that care can no longer be provided, knowing the options that are available for long-term care can be beneficial.

One option is to utilize the Multipurpose Senior Centers (MSCs), which are funded by the city or by the county Department of Aging. They offer comprehensive services for seniors, as well as their family. This community-based agency has the resources, as well as the expertise to help assess the needs of elderly residents and help caregivers make a plan to provide care.

The Alzheimer’s Association, San Diego Chapter is one of 220 different chapters that are present in the U.S. It is a charitable and non-profit organization that has more than 3000 members. This resource provides support groups, research information, helplines, education and advocacy for caregivers and elderly members of the community.

In many situations, just finding support and help is not enough. When this occurs, a person may have to begin searching for nursing home care or assisted living care for their aging loved one. Taking some time to get to know all the options that are available can be quite beneficial. Caregivers in San Diego should understand they are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands in the state and around the U.S. who can provide help and support.

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