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Social Security for San Antonio Seniors

Social Security benefits are an important part of most retirees lives as well as those with disabilities or who are survivors after a family member's death. Sometimes Social Security benefits can be difficult to understand or you might need help going through the process of proving your qualifications and applying for benefits. Luckily, San Antonio has plenty of resources, both in person and online to help you with anything you need related to your Social Security.

Office Locations in San Antonio

There are four different Social Security office locations in the San Antonio area. U.S Social Security Administration at 402 Isom Rd. Social Security office at 727 E. Cesar E Chavez Blvd. U.S. Social Security Administration Office at 3438 E. Southcross St. Social Security office at 411 Richland Hills Dr.

You can also get in contact with any one of these offices by calling the toll-free number (800)-772-1213 and those that need TTY services can call (800)-325-0778. Both of these numbers have representatives from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday through Friday although there are some services that can be done with a 24-hour automated service.

If you would like to find other Social Security office locations in your area, you can use the office locator by entering your zip code.

Different Services Offered For Seniors

Your local Social Security office has plenty of services that can help benefit you as well as your community. You can request to have a speaker come to a local event or community center to give a presentation about Social Security benefits and answer any and all questions that you might have.

You can also go to your office to get a replacement card if yours is lost or your name has changed. Social Security offices will also replace lost or damaged Medicare cards. If you’re nearing retirement, heading over to your local office is a good idea so that you can get your benefits set-up and start planning for your future.

If you’re still willing to work and have a disability, there are a few work incentive programs that you can look into. Ticket to Work is a program for those people with disabilities on Social Security that helps them become self-sufficient. Plan for Achieving Self-Support is another program for those on disability that helps you plan and reach your work goals.

Services Available Online

If you can’t or don’t want to go to your local office you have the option of going online and receiving help there. Social Security services online are easy to access and you can do almost anything there that you would do in person. This includes things like:

Requesting a replacement card Planning for retirement Applying for benefits Securing your account electronically Estimate future benefits Appeal a decision

The online website is easy to navigate and as long as you create a secure My Social Security account, you can access ongoing applications, check on your benefits, and get help from online representatives. This option can save time and allow you to get what you need faster.

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