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San Antonio Veterans Benefits

The needs of a veteran can vary immensely from person to person. Their unique situation, time spent in the military, and injury or conditions developed during their deployment will all influence the amount of assistance that they need when they return home and as they age.

For veterans in the San Antonio area, there are a number of benefits, organizations and services dedicated to helping local veterans find their footing and get the care they need.

San Antonio Health Benefits for Veterans

In San Antonio, veterans can receive health benefits from the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital as part of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System. Older seniors can receive a number of unique medical benefits from the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital, including:

Caregiver Support

Community Living Center

Community Nursing Home Program

Home Based Primary Care

The South Texas Veterans Health Care System Fisher House

All veterans who have given their time to the military are entitled to receive healthcare from the VA, given that they were not discharged dishonorably. The VA uses a priority ranking system to determine what level of care is provided to each individual.

San Antonio Home Benefits for Veterans

Veterans can also receive housing benefits and assistance at different levels. First, the Bexar County Veterans Services Office can help veterans looking for help purchasing a home or finding a place to live. The Veterans Services Office for Bexar County can assist veterans in the following areas:

VA Home Loans: The VA can help veterans secure loans for a home by guaranteeing a portion of the loan

Veterans Housing Assistance Program: The Veterans Housing Assistance Program can provide veterans with financial stability and assistance in purchasing a home.

Land Purchase: Veterans who qualify for the Land Purchase program can receive help from the Texas Veterans Land Board in securing land.

Home Repairs: Home Improvement Loans can also be given to veterans to help them maintain their current residence.

Other San Antonio Benefits for Veterans

Veterans in San Antonio can also receive benefits and assistance for education, finding jobs, or helping their family members in receiving health care, education, or other services. The San Antonio NE Vet Center, located at 9504 IH 35 N, can guide San Antonio veterans through the process of discovering and applying for benefits.

As a branch of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the San Antonio NE Vet Center can help vets with discovering benefits they had not yet known about or introduce them to other organizations that can give them a closer idea of the assistance they are looking for.

Other organizations that can help San Antonio veterans find benefits that they qualify for and apply to them include the Texas Veterans Commission, the Veterans Resource Center and the Texas Workforce Commission. These communities can walk San Antonio vets through understanding what benefits are available, what they may be able to receive, and what they need to do to complete their application.

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