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San Antonio Support Groups for Caregivers

Caregivers require self-care and time away in order to continue to do their jobs correctly. Only taking care of another person and never focusing on themselves is one of the quickest ways for caregivers to experience their own decline in health. San Antonio offers four important resources for caregivers to get the support they need for their wellbeing. Alamo Area Council of Governments

The AACOG offers a support program for caregivers. The targets for this program are any people caring for someone over the age of 60, and people age 55 and older who are responsible for raising their grandchildren. The program includes a variety of services: • Respite care - to relieve caregivers of their duties for a short time

• Personal assistance - to complete some of the duties that caregivers are in charge of regularly

• Home delivered meals - to offer meals to the elderly family member so the caregiver is not responsible for cooking for them too

• Assistance with services - to provide assistance with finding certain services, such as support groups, care help, financial institutions, etc.

• Training - to ensure caregivers are properly educated in how to provide adequate care to an elderly person or child

The program is available to anyone who meets the target criteria, and is donation-based.

Caregiver Resource Centers

Numerous Caregiver Resource Centers are available in the Alamo Region. They span 11 counties. These centers offer handouts, books, and videos that are helpful resources to caregivers. One option is the Lytle Public Library, which can be reached at (830) 709-4142. The Sam Fore, Jr. Wilson County Library is another option. Caregivers may call (830) 393-7361 to speak to the library director.

Aging and Disability Resource Center

The Aging and Disability Resource Center provides important information to caregivers. They detail all known support groups in the area. One such group is for cancer patients and their families who take care of them. It is the Dialogue Support Group of the American Cancer Society. To sign up, and to learn about the next available dates, people should call (210) 614-4211. They also host a Life After Loss Bereavement Support Group.

The Bexar Area Agency on Aging and Alamo Area Agency on Aging come together to offer an online support group for caregivers. Anyone caring for a family member of the age of 60 qualifies. The group connects caregivers with community resources, provides valuable information, and can also help with counseling needs. To speak to someone about the group, it is best to call (210) 477-3275.

Caregiver SOS

Multiple resource centers are available in the San Antonio, Texas, area, offering support and services to caregivers. Caregiver SOS is the overall name of this group of centers. Regular group meetings are held, as well as informational sessions. The Elvira Cisneros Senior Center is one location. Those who are interested in attending a group can contact the office at (210) 507-3131. Caregivers may also contact (210) 558-0178 to speak to someone at the Alicia Trevino Lopez Senior One Stop.

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