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San Antonio Senior Centers

It’s important for seniors to stay active and involved within their community as they age. Senior centers, nonprofit organizations and other groups work to help San Antonio’s elderly residents to make the most out of their retirement years, offering a variety of social and recreational services.

Playing games with friends

Several senior centers spread across San Antonio give elderly individuals the chance to get out of the house and socialize with friends every now and then. Seniors can register for activities and events organized through the Lions Field, Commanders, Granados and other Adult and Senior Centers, or simply visit their closest center to join in a casual board or card game. The Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio also operates a game room that is open to both members and nonmembers over the age of 65. Friendly competitions and challenging games can help seniors to keep their minds sharp and their bodies active well into their retirement years.

Learning new skills

The San Antonio department of Parks and Recreation offers classes through local community and senior centers. Retirees can learn how to use a computer, how to make ceramics and pottery, how to draw and paint, or how to play an instrument. The Barshop Jewish Community Center also offers crafting classes along with Hebrew lessons for older students.

Staying active

It’s easy for seniors to stay active in San Antonio. Along with educational courses, the department of Parks and Recreation also offers inexpensive fitness classes for city residents of all ages. Seniors can participate in sports, swimming, martial arts classes and dance lessons at their nearest senior center. The Fit4Life program, run by the Barshop Jewish Community Center, also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.

Senior thrill-seekers and their friends can join the staff of Morgan’s Wonderland for Senior Fridays on the second and fourth Friday of each month to enjoy a day of activity. For just $8, anyone over the age of 62 may enter the park to enjoy rides, fishing, concerts and dancing.

Joining a performing group

If you’ve been bitten by the theatre bug, San Antonio offers plenty of opportunities for senior performers to get up on the stage. Several local choirs, including the Sanctuary Choir of the First Baptist Church of San Antonio, accept members of all ages and experience levels. Dancers can participate in the Seniors Dance! Program at any participating San Antonio Dance Umbrella location to master ballroom, flamenco, line dancing and more. The Senior Theatre Program at the Playhouse San Antonio teaches senior actors how to produce, direct and perform in their own unique theatrical pieces for a one-time fee of $15.

Meeting new people

Online Meetup groups help seniors living in San Antonio to connect with each other through the Internet. There are social groups for seniors, singles mixers, hobbyist clubs, and more to be found through the Meetup website. You can also meet other seniors living near you by attending social events held by San Antonio senior centers and local community groups.

Traveling the world

Settling down after you retire doesn’t mean that you have to stop traveling. Seniors that are unable to go far can tour local points of interest during day trips organized by the Bob Ross Senior Center, while those who are looking to travel further can connect with tourism-oriented Meetup groups. Traveling with a group provides a safe, affordable and enjoyable way to experience the wonders of the world in your senior years.

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