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San Antonio Rehab Centers

A nursing home is arguably the best place a senior can go to receive care after having received treatment in a hospital for an acute illness, an injury, a heart attack, or any other life-threatening condition. As much as a nursing home is set up to host patients for a very long time, nursing homes always tend to have patients there for the short-term receiving rehab care. Therefore, if the doctor decides to send you or a loved one to a nursing home for rehab care here is what you can expect.

What Goes On In Rehabs In San Antonio?

Just like any other health institution, the caregivers at the rehab want patients to receive treatment and then get back to their lives after a while. Before admitting a new patient into the rehab, caregivers have to establish whether they have the personnel and equipment to take care of them. The caregivers then create a daily care plan that will follow the doctor's directions to the letter, a plan that is unique to that particular patient. Depending on how severe a condition is, the therapist in the rehab can take care of the patient every day.

Great Rehabs In San Antonio

Most of the time, doctors will recommend their patients to go to particular rehabs and to follow their advice is a good thing. However, has a list of the best rehabs in San Antonio, and here are the top three:

Oak Park Nursing And Rehabilitation Center – This is the bridge from hospital to home.

Sunrise Nursing And Rehabilitation Center – This offers experienced nursing, post-surgical, post-hospital, and restorative care to patients.

Salado Creek Living And Rehabilitation Center – Patients here receive the best care in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

Friends and neighbors who have experience with rehabs can also be of great assistance during your search because they can share experiences about a particular rehab and make you settle for better.

What A Rehab Must Offer

Do not sign up for a rehab if:

It does not have a good reputation with patients, staff members, or the patient's family members.

It does not have qualified and available healthcare professionals to take care of you or your loved one.

It is not as clean as you would expect a health facility to be.

State inspectors always find cause for concern in the facility.

It does not accept Medicare or Medicaid for payment.

Payment Of Rehab Care

If you or your patient qualifies to have Medicare Part A coverage, the government will highly subsidize the amount that you will pay. Medicare, however, covers a patient for a limited time, and so a patient must have other options available as well. A patient can also check if he or she qualifies for Medicaid, or if he or she can receive a grant to cater for rehab expenses. Patients who can manage to pay their expenses can do so, whereas those who have private insurance can use the covers to reduce their financial burden.

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