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San Antonio In-Home Care

Many people decide to go with in-home care for a few different reasons. One of the biggest is the daily cost of in-home care. In 2015, a private room in a nursing home cost about $200 per day and an assisted living facility averaged about $132 per day. A home health aide is typically around $120 per day in the San Antonio area, and that depends on the services and length of care needed.

The other big deciding factor is that in-home care allows you to stay in your own house while getting the help you need. This is very important to many seniors 65 and older because they get to stay in familiar surroundings as well as stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

There are two different kinds of in-home care that you can find in the San Antonio area, personal care or companionship, and more skilled home health assistance. This guide should help you better understand what people expect from home care and how you can make it work for you and your loved ones.

Agencies in San Antonio

There are dozens of agencies in the San Antonio area and many of them are highly rated. To help you get a feel for what people like and want in home health care, we took a look at some of’s reviews. Here are what clients and family members said:

Quick and timely service, especially when there is an emergency: “I needed someone quickly to help me with my Father a couple hours per day three times a week, they responded quickly and they had someone there the next day,” said the daughter of a patient with Integrity Senior Care.

Good communication with all caregivers and administration: One niece wrote of Caring Companions, “My telephone interview with Director went very well. I also appreciated her caring, thorough follow-up with my aunt.”

Not just taking care of their clients, but encouraging them to do what they can: A daughter of a client with Right at Home said, “I definitely recommend this service to others. The staff and caregivers were great. They did try to get my mom to do activities, not just sit there.”

Another thing that many reviewers like was the good communication between shift changes and the compassionate attitude of most of the caregivers. It’s important to feel comfortable with the caregivers that will be coming into your home.

Care To Fit Your Schedule

Many children and family members provide care for elderly parents or relatives on top of everything else they do. In-home care is a huge plus for them because they can get care when they need, and in some cases right away. If you have a sudden emergency and need to be away from your loved one, many agencies can provide a worker within hours. It’s also good for people with full-time jobs that need a little extra help when they are at work.

One Of Many Care Options

In your toolbox, you have many different tools that can tackle a variety of jobs and the same should go for your senior care “toolbox.” You want to have a few different options to cover all of your bases in any situation and in-home care can be one of those tools. There are also a few other options for care that could come in handy in the future.

Hiring Your Own Caregiver: An agency can certainly make it easy to find a caregiver, but if you want to have total control of who comes into your home there is nothing stopping you from hiring your own caregiver. In fact, many people choose to do this when it’s going to be a family member providing care that way they can get paid for their work. You will have to take care of everything from the interview to payment and insurance, so keep that in mind.

Mix Of An Agency And Your Own Caregiver: What happens when you’re regular caregiver gets sick or needs to take a vacation? That’s when it’s handy to use an agency as well as your own caregiver. No matter what happens, you have someone who can provide quality care.

San Antonio Concierge Services: You can hire someone to take care of pretty much any chore or errand you may have. Websites like Rover can help you find someone to walk your dog, TaskRabbit can allow you to hire someone to pick up your dry cleaning, and Amazon Prime Now can allow you to get groceries delivered right to your door the same day you order.

It’s a smart idea to check any business or hired help before you allow them into your home so you know that you’re getting quality service. Ask friends and family for referrals, and you can also check places with the Texas Better Business Bureau.

Covering Payment

There are a few ways to pay for your in-home care. Medicare is an option for some as long as they meet all of the requirements, which include being homebound and needing skilled nursing services like occupational therapy. You also need to be under the care of a doctor.

Low-income seniors can look to Medicaid if they don’t meet all of the requirements under Medicare. You can also find help through the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services as well as the city of San Antonio senior services for help with meal delivery, transportation, and much more.

Paying out of pocket is, of course, an option as well and those that have long-term insurance can use those policies for in-home care. If you meet with an HUD-certified agent and go through all the risks and consequences of a reverse mortgage, that could also be a payment option.

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