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Your health is one of the most important things in your life especially as you begin to age. Regular check-ups should become a part of your care routine. If you have reached the age of 65, it’s time to start thinking about getting a geriatric physician. Seniors need special types of health care, and a geriatric doctor is trained to address these concerns and monitor any conditions that you might get.

San Antonio has some of the best hospitals in the metro area that can provide comprehensive care to the seniors of the community. These nationally and regionally ranked facilities employ doctors, nurses, and other geriatric specialists that can address the needs and concern of any senior. Here you can find some of the top facilities as well as connect to some of the resources for seniors in San Antonio.

Geriatric Services And Hospitals In San Antonio

If you don’t know where to start when looking for a hospital with geriatric services, US News and World Report can help. They have researched and ranked 5,000 hospitals across the country in all the major cities and surrounding metro areas. University Hospital in San Antonio has earned the number one spot for the metro area and they are number six in Texas. Their nephrology department has been ranked at number thirty-six in the nation and their cancer, gynecology, pulmonology, and urology departments have received high performance ratings.

University Hospital’s geriatric care department offers a comprehensive diabetes care program that includes access to a fitness center, consultations with nutritionists, and social events. You can also find care for falls and fall prevention, chronic disease self-management, and information on Medicare.

Methodist Hospital has been ranked as the second best hospital in the San Antonio metro area and number twenty-three for the state of Texas. They have been given a high performance ranking for the geriatrics and nephrology departments. They offer a fall prevention program to help seniors better move in their environments and lower the risk of falls and serious injury. They also have a comprehensive heart and vascular program to educate and prevent patients about heart problems.

Baptist Medical Center has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and they have gotten high performance rankings for dealing with heart failure. Their geriatrics department has an acute care unit for the elderly at their hospital (ACE) as well as a senior emergency room that are both equipped to handle the unique health needs of seniors.

Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center has a senior behavioral health center with geriatric psychiatrists, internal medicine specialists, and social workers. They focus on improving the mental and physical well-being of seniors 65 and older.

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital has a geriatric department with better than expected survival rates and a high level of patient services. They also have a wide range of general services like pain management and palliative care.

Finding A San Antonio Geriatrician

You can always ask your regular doctor for a referral to geriatric physicians in your area as well as talk to trusted friends and families for their suggestions. Health in Aging was created by the American Geriatric Society and they have a geriatric physician finder on their website that can help you locate a physician in your area. US News and World Report also has a doctor finder tool you can use to locate a geriatrician.

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