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San Antonio Hospice Care

Hospice care providers aim to preserve the quality of life for terminal patients during their final weeks. Seniors throughout San Antonio rely on hospice services to keep them comfortable as they live out their days, allowing them to enjoy the remainder of their life without the distraction of pain. Many senior living communities offer hospice services for residents, while in-home hospice care is available for housebound seniors and family caretakers.

Your hospice care team

Whether you receive hospice care at home or within a residential facility, a variety of specialists will be at your disposal to provide you with palliative and emotional support. Doctors, nurses, volunteers and even clergy members all make up an interdisciplinary team that work together to ensure that hospice patients are able to live out their final days in comfort and dignity.

Hospice care doctors team up with a patient’s regular physician to develop a treatment plan that will keep their patient comfortable and pain-free.

Nurses watch patients on a day-to-day basis, monitoring their vitals and pain levels and administering any necessary medications or treatments. Patients can receive similar care at home from a home health aide.

Homemaker services help hospice patients, their families and their caregivers by taking over household chores on a regular basis.

Trained hospice volunteers are also able to help out around the house and to provide respite care, social support and companionship for hospice patients.

Social workers, counselors and clergy provide emotional and spiritual support for families with a loved one in hospice care.

Many hospice patients also rely on their own personal network of friends and neighbors to help deliver groceries, clean, cook meals, or simply drop by for regular social visits.

The search for hospice services in San Antonio

The Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization search tool helps Texan seniors and their families to locate nearby hospice services. San Antonio residents can find out more about how to reach over a dozen hospice care providers scattered throughout the city.

For more information about hospice care providers near you, visit You can learn about what services and amenities different home health agencies and senior living communities offer or read honest customer reviews. Blue Skies of Texas East, The Forum at Lincoln Heights, and other local nursing homes provide hospice care for residents who need it, while San Antonio home health agencies help out terminal patients who are housebound.

Covering the costs of hospice care

The Texas Medicaid program helps thousands of low-income seniors access affordable medical services each year, including hospice care for terminal patients. Veterans who have a life-limiting illness or injury are eligible to receive hospice care through the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS). Seniors over 65 can also participate in the government Medicare program for access to affordable hospice services. If you do not qualify for federal or state financial aid, you may be able to reduce your hospice care costs by taking out a private insurance policy. Be sure to check with your insurance agent in order to understand what palliative medical services your plan covers.

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