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San Antonio Family Caregiver Benefits

If you are a family of someone who can’t take care of themselves because of age, an illness, or a disability, you are a family caregiver. It’s important for caregivers to make that determination of seeing themselves as family caregivers because the role of caregiving interrupts their lives and schedules in major ways. Senior caregiving can be very rewarding, but it can also be extremely stressful and taxing when the duties are necessary for extended periods. Caregivers need to be willing to accept some help so that they can take care of themselves and their personal lives, if they are going to continue serving in the caregiving role for any length of time.

Caregivers who prioritize responsibilities, are willing to accept help, and take advantage of the services that are available to them will be able to serve their roles for as long as they are needed. Here are some of the San Antonio services that can help:

Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG)

The Alamo Area Council of Governments is a federally funded agency that provides funding for senior services such as Medicare, Social Security, legal aid, health and wellness training, caregiver assistance, meal programs, and social service programs. Some programs also help seniors with home repairs and home modifications. The Bexar Area Agency on Aging administers the program for San Antonio residents. BAAA receives federal funds under the Older Americans Act, state general revenue funds, matching funds, grants, contributions, and private donations.

Bexar Area Agency on Aging (BAAA)

San Antonio residents and residents in the rest of Bexar County may contact the Bexar Area Agency on Aging (BAAA) for assistance. The agency is committed to networking with the community to provide support for elderly residents in San Antonio and those who care for them, so that they may age in their own homes or communities with dignity, safety, and security. The agency is broken out into the following divisions:

Benefits Counseling-for seniors age 60 and over who need help with Medicare benefits and entitlements

Care Coordination-makes assessments and coordinates local resources

Caregiver Support-makes assessments of the caregiver’s needs and coordinates support services

Information, Referral, Assistance, and Linkage

Nutrition-on and off-site meals and delivery

Ombudsman-advocates for services and safety

Senior Centers-organize support and recreational activities

Transportation-transports to medical appointments, social service agency appointments, and runs errands

Alamo Service Connection

The most extensive database of senior services is operated by the Alamo Service Connection. BAAA offers this resource as the primary source of information, referral, and assistance to better understand the combination of services that are provided by the government agencies, nonprofits, and other providers. Seniors and their caregivers may use this database to find out more about Medicare, Social Security, legal aid, housing assistance, residential support, and transportation.

Calls are answered by qualified navigators that help caregivers find answers to their problems and challenges. Caregivers can find information on adult day care centers, respite, support groups and other helpful services by calling the Alamo Service Connection at (210) 477-3275 or by visiting their website.

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