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San Antonio Estate Sales

When a loved one passes away, trying to decide how to split their possessions can be a difficult task. Whether your family member collected rare memorabilia or a little of everything, an estate sales professional can take care of the overwhelming job for you. The estate service will handle all of the arrangements, including decluttering and cleaning, and give a check to the estate after the sales or auction is completed. Even items that do not sale are not an issue as the estate sales service will arrange to give charitable donations in your loved one’s name.

What to Expect from Estate Sales Services

The estate sales service process varies between companies, however many steps are common between them. The estate sales professional will come to the house to walk through and evaluate the items to be sold. Each item should be physically inspected and analyzed as well as photographed. The company will arrange your loved one’s possessions to showcase the item’s features after properly cleaning each item. The professional will probably prefer to be the one to clean these items as so many can be damaged which will lower its value. This is especially true with antiquities and art.

You can expect the estate sales company to market your sale on all of their available social media channels and contact collectors to ensure a higher return. You do not have to attend the sale or auction as the company will take care of all of the arrangements including financial transactions. Any items leftover after the sale can be donated to charity organizations as a tax deduction. The company will also take care of all of the cleaning after the sales have concluded.

You and your attorney (or the executor of the will) will receive updates throughout the process including financial transaction reporting and itemized receipts.

The Price of Estate Sales Services

Prices vary from company to company, but the average commission rate is reported between 10 and 25 percent, however some companies charge a 30 percent commission for the total sale. Companies, like From Trash to Treasure, charge a setup fee for a three day sale. In their case, the fee is $150.

Many companies do not charge for the initial consultation or walk-through, so be sure to ask the company you are interviewing.

Finding an Estate Sales Professional in San Antonio

Your attorney or the executor of the will should be able to offer you a few recommendations for estate sales companies and appraisers, as well as your friends and family. Even neighbors, coworkers, and your loved one’s friends may be able to make suggestions.

You can find listings with ratings for companies on the Better Business Bureau website for Central, Coastal, and Southwest Texas. You will want to search directories for certified estate sales companies. These certifications can be through the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Both associations contain databases to find estate sales companies in your area.

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