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San Antonio Aging In Place

Whether you’re a senior living in historic Olmos Park Terrace or on the East side in China Grove, you probably want to be able to stay in the home you love for as long as possible. Aging in place isn’t a new concept but it is one that is gaining popularity and as more seniors are choosing to stay in their homes, more services are becoming available to make that possible. Two of the most common services are home health aides that take care of personal tasks like getting out of bed or bathing and homemaker services that cook and clean or run errands.

How Do I Pay For These Services?

There is a good chance that you won’t have to pay entirely on your own for these services especially if you’re under the care of a doctor who has confirmed it is unsafe for you to remain alone in your house. Medicaid benefits can help low-income seniors afford these services and VA benefits can help veterans. Long-term care insurance is another option if you have previously purchased a policy. In Texas, the Department of Aging and Disability Services can help seniors who qualify afford in-home health care options.

What Is The Cost Of These Services?

If we look at that national monthly average for both homemaker and home health aide services, it is around $3,800. This takes into account several things like location, types of care needed, and frequency that care is provided.

The monthly averages for San Antonio are actually a little lower than the national average. Both home health aides and homemakers come in at $3,527 per month which breaks down into about $116 per day for care. Keep in mind that these are just averages and you can find prices that are both lower and higher in San Antonio.

What Questions Should I Ask?

It’s ok to ask a lot of questions as you’re looking for a services provider because you want to find the right fit. A good place to start is with family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues that you trust. Ask for their opinions and see if they have good recommendations. Another place to start is the San Antonio Better Business Bureau because you can read user reviews and get a feel for local companies.

As you look at each company, ask a few simple questions like do they have the right license and are the insured or bonded? You should also check to see if they do background checks on their employees. You can ask about payment options and find out how their scheduling works and if you think you’ve found the right place carefully go over any contract before signing.

Is This The Only Type Of In-Home Care?

Nope! The internet has really started to grow in terms of services offered for those that are home-bound. Even if you can mostly get around fine, you can still find services to help you out with a few of those tough chores.

If you have a dog or another pet, you can go to for a dog walker or pet sitter. Handy can help you with housecleaning and TaskRabbit or are good if you have a chore or errand you need help with. If you have a leaky faucet, need to install handlebars in your house, or just need some general repairs or remodels look on or Amazon Home Services. Just like with any provider, make sure to ask plenty of questions!

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