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How to Get Around San Antonio Without Driving

In a city as large as San Antonio, the places you want to go are often far away from each other. You might have a tough time getting around if you do not have a car or cannot drive safely. Luckily, you are able to choose from a broad range of transportation alternatives in San Antonio. It will be easy getting from one location to another with San Antonio’s public transportation, service organizations, taxi services, and home care companies.


VIA Metropolitan Transit, which is simply known as VIA, is the transportation operating system in San Antonio. They operate a fleet of buses that serve San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Senior citizens 62 years of age and older are eligible for the Reduced Fare Program, which cuts the cost of traveling on the bus in half. To qualify, you must get a Reduced Fare ID at any of VIA’s Customer Service Centers by showing them your government-issued ID. All of the buses provide audio announcements inside and outside of the bus as well as ramps for easy boarding.

Call for a Taxi

If you need to make it to a medical appointment or have to get anywhere else, you might consider using one of San Antonio’s taxi companies. You are able to make advance reservations on the Internet or by phone with any of the city’s licensed taxi companies, like Yellow Cab, San Antonio Taxis, and J&G’s City Wide Express Charter. With some of these cab services, you can prepay for transportation when you want to hire a door-to-door service for the golden ager in your life.

Senior Care Transportation

Home health care organizations in San Antonio generally offer transportation for just about any reason as part of their list of services. Caring Senior Service, Blue Skies of Texas East, and Helping Our Seniors are a few of the businesses that advertise their ride services online. Seniors should consider this solution because it is nice to know the driver since they are usually also your caregiver, you get to make as many stops as you want along the way, you can go in your car or your caregiver’s vehicle, and you can get companionship and assistance while shopping.

Consider Ride-Sharing Companies

Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing businesses operate in San Antonio. These services make scheduling rides in advance, getting transportation when you need it, and getting door-to-door assistance simple. If you are tech-savvy or have a loved one who is, this is your perfect alternative. Since the prices can vary quite a bit depending on when you need a ride, be sure you understand the pricing. For instance, transportation during rush hour will generally cost you more.

These Customized Services Help You Find Your Ideal Ride

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services offers an array of senior transportation services. When you enroll at any of the city-operated senior centers, you can get rides to and from those facilities. The county also runs a number of senior medical appointment transportation programs.

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