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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in San Antonio, TX?

If you are starting down the path of planning for retirement or if you are already there, then the cost of actually retiring is likely a major thing on your mind. With good planning, you may be surprised just how much you can afford in a great place like the greater San Antonio area. Here are a few things to help you plan a wonderful and fulfilling retirement.

Space And Amenities You Need

Everyone is different so what you consider the bare minimum for comfort is going to influence the cost of your retirement. It is best to err on the side of caution to avoid life disruptions and moves later that you don't want. Smaller spaces cost less and are easier for many seniors, or you can split a larger space with a roommate if you want. If you are retiring with a spouse, then you might want a larger space than if it is just you.

One bedroom apartments in San Antonio rent for $935 a month and two-bedroom apartment rent averages $1245. This means that if you split the cost with a roommate, you can enjoy rent that averages $622.50 per person.

$132,800 is the median home cost currently reported in the greater San Antonio area. This can vary widely based on the neighborhood and size of the home.

Be Where You Need To Be

Doctors appointments, a part-time job, or volunteering are all reasons why you need to consider your transportation options. Your rent may include basic transportation, especially to medical appointments. If you have specific medical conditions, it may be beneficial for you to live nearer to the facility.

Public transportation is widely available, and plenty of San Antonio is very walkable. In fact, the River Walk is a so shady and nice and the shopping is fantastic. You can relax on the River Walk with a good book, and some fantastic food and beverage from one of the many restaurants that surround the area. If you are 62 and over and retiring in San Antonio, you can apply for very reduced fares on public transit. The application is available online and is very easy to fill out.

Health Care Costs

There are a lot of ways to pay for health care costs. If you have private health insurance or veterans benefits, you may be able to have some or all of your health care costs covered. San Antonio has the medical care you need over the years. The San Antonio Regional Hospital and the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital are just two of the great health care facilities you will have at your fingertips, if you retire in San Antonio.

A Superb Parks And Recreation System

If you love to get outside, then San Antonio is going to be a great place to retire. The parks and recreation department are extremely well organized and offer an amazing amount of different classes and activities such as disc golf, swimming, fitness classes, and even dog parks!

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