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How Much Do San Antonio Nursing Homes Cost?

San Antonio is a historically relevant city with a rich background and unique culture. Residents can enjoy both scenery and shopping at the River Walk, or take a trip through Texas history by visiting the Alamo Mission. You might think that the cost of living in such an idyllic location would be through the roof, but nursing home care in San Antonio is actually less expensive than nationwide care costs.

Texas nursing homes: an overview

In 2004, there were 85,685 Texas residents living in nursing homes

By 2014, just a decade later, this number had risen to over 93,000 nursing home residents.

The number of Texas residents over the age of 85 is predicted to double between 2007 and 2030, which ranks Texas the 9th state in the projected growth rate of the 85+ population.

Over 4 million Texans rely on Medicaid benefits to help pay for services such as nursing care.

In 2009, 60% of Texas Medicaid long-term care funds went to nursing home care.

A nursing home for every budget

Affordable, quality care isn’t difficult to come by in San Antonio. Seniors looking for nursing care in the city will be pleased to hear that long-term care costs tend to be lower in San Antonio than nationwide. The national median price of a semi-private room in a nursing home was $6,692 per month in 2015, while a private room cost residents $7,604 each month. In San Antonio, on the other hand, the median monthly cost of lodging in a nursing care facility was just $4,319 for a semi-private room and $,6082 for a private room.

Seniors can find a wide range of prices on nursing care throughout the city of San Antonio and dozens of unique facilities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for low prices or high-end living, San Antonio offers a nursing home to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Nursing home services and amenities

Moving into a nursing home can be a big change for many seniors who are used to an independent lifestyle. The primary focus of nursing care is to keep patients healthy, comfortable and safe. A resident nurse and certified nursing assistants care for the medical needs of residents, from dressing wounds to providing physical therapy. The care provided by nursing homes is just a step down from the care that patients find in hospitals.

Staff members are on hand at all hours to help those who need assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and eating. Nursing facilities cook up homemade cuisine every day to meet the nutritional requirements of its residents. If you have dietary restrictions, make sure that the nursing home you’re interested in offers dining options that suit your diet.

Paying for nursing home care in San Antonio

If you’re stressing about the expenses associated with long-term care, you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of seniors across Texas live in nursing homes that sometimes charge residents thousands of dollars each month. Around ⅔ of Texas seniors in nursing homes rely on government Medicaid benefits to pay for their long-term care needs. This program is open to seniors that meet the state’s eligibility requirements for income and financial assets. Many veterans that require full-time care rely on the government VA Aid & Attendance pension to help them pay nursing home fees. Veterans living in the San Antonio area can contact the Houston VA regional benefit office for more information.

Texas seniors that are not eligible to receive government benefits can pay for long-term nursing care benefits through insurance payouts. Many work insurance plans, HMO plans, and even Medicare do not cover much of the costs that nursing home residents face. If you are concerned about paying for quality nursing care in the future, it would be a good idea to take out a long-term care insurance policy. Long-term care insurance functions to help seniors pay for their long-term personal and medical care needs. Seniors with life insurance may be able to cash out their policy for a percentage of the total value and use the proceeds to pay for care costs.

Homeowners that are moving into a nursing care facility sometimes choose to sell their house to help cover the initial costs. Taking out a reverse mortgage is another popular option, especially among nursing home residents that still have a loved one living at home. If you take out a reverse mortgage on your home, your spouse or partner can continue to live there rent-free while you receive nursing care. Better yet, you will receive money that can be used to cover care costs. Before you decide to sell your house or take out a reverse mortgage to cover care costs, be sure to set-up a meeting with your estate lawyer and tax attorney.

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