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Social Security for Saint Paul Seniors

Saint Paul seniors who are retired greatly need social security benefits. The benefits replace the lost income and supply the money needed to survive. Many have small savings to fall back on, but that only lasts for so long before it runs out. Supplementing your income with social security or retirement benefits is necessary for more than 60 million people

Where is the Saint Paul Social Security Office Located?

You can find the Saint Paul Social Security Office at 332 Minnesota St #650. It is located in the core of the city. Business hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, with fewer hours on Wednesdays. The building closes at noon on most Wednesdays. The facility is also closed on all major holidays. To reach the office, call (866) 667-7481. Calling this number allows you to ask any questions prior to arriving to fill out an application. A representative will tell you which documents you need if you ask.

The toll-free number is (800) 772-1213. An agent is available Monday through Friday for extended hours to speak with you. He or she will provide details for any application process and disclose which documents you need before heading into the office to submit your forms. You may call between 7 am and 7 pm with a legitimate question.

Which Services Benefit Seniors?

A Ticket to Work Program is available in Saint Paul. Also known as the self-sufficiency program, many residents utilize this service so they can remain working while also claiming benefits. They simply do not work as much, and only at a job that includes duties they can handle. It also allows people to remain self-sufficient while also receiving the extra help they desperately need. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 can participate.

A senior group offering is also available. The offering includes having a speaker talk to a group of seniors about the options available to them. He or she discusses social security benefits, retirement, and disability, and provides pointers on applying. Many speakers suggest working with a lawyer who specializes in this area that can help them speed along the process.

What Services are Available Online?

Most of the services available in person are also available online. Whether you live near an office or far away from one, you can still skip the lines and head to the social security website to utilize the services. There are several important tasks you can complete, including:

applying for benefits

requesting a social security card replacement

seeing your statements

estimating your future benefits

appealing disability decisions

following up on your appeals

blocking access to your documents

determining eligibility requirements

creating an online account to make future services faster to complete

Countless options are available through the online interface. Use these services whenever you do not feel the need to wait in line. In fact, with the help of the online website, you may never have to set foot in an actual social security office again. It saves you a great deal of time while still providing answers to all of your most important questions.

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