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Saint Paul Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

After retirement, there is usually a stretch of time when you want to relax and enjoy the freedom from workday responsibilities. Endless rounds of golf, socializing, lunches, and long walks seem to be the way to enjoy your golden years. However, is this all you’ll ever want?

Saint Paul seniors who are tired of retiring from an active life and want to contribute to making the world a better place need to volunteer! Volunteering will enable you to take a responsible, active role in the world while giving you the opportunity to pursue your passion.

Keep reading to learn what Saint Paul has to offer senior volunteers.

Saving Unwanted Pets

The Saint Paul Animal Humane Society needs loyal and pet-loving seniors to assist in a variety of critical roles. Kittens and puppies need foster homes where they can be cared for and socialized until they’re old enough to be offered for adoption.

You can help groom and socialize companion animals who have survived abuse and abandonment to prepare them for new forever homes. Feeding and exercising shelter animals is an endless task that requires caring volunteers at the Humane Society.

Seniors with business experience can help manage Humane Society fundraising efforts.

Become a Zoo Volunteer

Zoologically minded Saint Paul seniors are welcome to volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo. If your dream as a child was to work with exotic animals and share your love of the variety of exotic species this world has, the Zoo is the place for you.

Senior volunteers make extraordinary guides at the Zoo, showing visitors the many exotic animals and teaching them little-known facts about each display.

Learn the finer points of animal dietary and habitat requirements by volunteering to help maintain the enclosures and prepare meals for Zoo residents. Enjoy guiding young children through the delightful petting zoo, while teaching young minds the importance of preserving our environment.

Indulge Your Love of Books

Indulge your love of books by volunteering at the Saint Paul Public Library. The Library always needs help to serve the residents of Saint Paul with essential reference material and a tranquil retreat from city life.

Your help will be appreciated by the seniors who need help learning how to use a computer to send emails, conduct online searches, and learn the intricacies of social media.

Children will remember how wonderfully you read to them at story time, and you’ll be an important aid to journalists and college students who need help accessing library reference materials.

Saint Paul Public Schools need Help

The Saint Paul Public Schools appreciate the assistance provided by senior volunteers. Academically minded volunteers can provide an invaluable aid to students as mentors and tutors in every subject.

Cafeteria volunteers will help provide nutritious meals to power young minds, provide a friendly face at the cash register, and maintain a relaxing environment during meal time as lunchroom monitor.

Become a Saint Paul Volunteer Senior

Whatever your passion, there’s a place to pursue it in Saint Paul for caring and dedicated senior volunteers. Use this article as a starting point for your volunteer career.

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