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Saint Paul Veterans Support Groups

Thousands of veterans reside in the Saint Paul area. Those who are 65 and older may have had a hard time finding resources and getting the assistance they need with housing and health care. Saint Paul has combated this problem by opening up various resource centers and veterans facilities in the city. Local, statewide, and national resources are all available to assist you with finding assistance and support for what you need most.

Veterans Resources in Saint Paul

The St. Paul Regional Benefit Office helps veterans gain access to the benefits they deserve. They implemented a faster system that allows claims to go through quickly. Visit the office at 1 Federal Drive Fort Snelling between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

You not only have the opportunity to file a claim for benefits, but also receive information regarding health care, get counseling, apply for housing grants, and more. Check in with the Office and determine which options best suit your needs.

Veterans Resources in Minnesota

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans serves all veterans throughout the state. They offer website information and other contact details for all support organizations and assistance programs in the area and otherwise. The organization has three regional offices, found in Duluth, Mankato, and Metro area of Minneapolis.

Saint Paul Ties to National Support Organizations

Visit to discover Veterans of Foreign Wars posts throughout your area. The “Find a Post” tool allows you to search by city and state, or enter your zip code and the number of miles from home you wish to incorporate. Ten posts are within the surrounding areas, with six of them in Saint Paul. Find them at the following addresses:

2483 7th Ave E North Saint Paul - Post 5 Merwin M. Carleton Post; Meetings held at 7 pm on the second Thursday each month

1346 Robert St S West Saint Paul - Post 4462 W St Paul Post; Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 1 pm.

835 Johnson Parkway Saint Paul - Post-1171 Kipp-White Post; Meet at 7 pm on the third Tuesday each month.

2483 7th Ave E Saint Paul - Post 1350 Arthur O. Haukland Post; Get support on the second Wednesday of the month at a 7 pm session.

563 Old Hwy 8 Saint Paul - Post 724 Brooker-Edmond Post; The first Tuesday of every month sees veterans come in at 7 pm for a meeting.

2403 7th St E Saint Paul - Post 5041 Theodore Hamm Post; Visit at 11 am on the second Monday of the month.

Veteran Recognition in Saint Paul

Assemblies and special events get held in Saint Paul each year to recognize the veterans who have fought for the United States. The First Shot Memorial provides a meeting place for the Armistice Day event. The Veterans for Peace group hosts the celebration. You can also visit many local establishments to receive a free meal or discount on services.

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